How To Choose The Best Pair Of Running Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is very important to runners as the type you wear may determine your performance. When you are just starting out, you may suffer from feet problems such as black toenails, corns and blisters, before you eventually find the best pair of running shoes.

It's important to choose the right running shoes.

It’s important to choose the right running shoes

Here are some tips on what to do when you are choosing your best running shoes.

Choose your model of shoe wisely

Running shoes come in different types – such as high stability, moderate stability and cushioning models to suit the wearer. If you are typically flat footed, for example, you should go for the stability shoes. But if you have a very high arch, the cushioning shoes would be the right model for you. Those with a “normal” arch i.e. not flat or high, can run in any type of shoes. If you are unsure at what type to buy, seek help from the shop!

Go with comfort and not fashion

Many runners, especially when they are just starting out, make the mistake of choosing shoes that are fashionable and nice looking – comfort is of secondary importance. If you do this, you will end up regretting because your shoes may cause you problems when you run.

So when you pick your best running shoes, make sure that your feet are comfortable.

Go to the shop in the evenings

Our feet change in size depending on the time of day. They are at their smallest in the mornings and largest in the evenings. So you should buy your running shoes at the end of the day – to ensure that you are choosing the right shoe size. If you buy your shoes in the morning, you may end up picking a size that is half a size smaller than what you actually need.

Get your Feet Measured

If you are switching from one shoe brand to another, do not assume that you will wear the same size of shoes. For example, if you take a Nike size seven, you may not necessarily take the same size when it comes to the New Balance shoes. This is because the cutting of the shoes differs from one brand to another, so you must make sure you get your feet measured whenever you buy a pair of new shoes – unless of course, you are buying exactly the same model as before.

Buy shoes that are bigger rather than smaller

Many runners, especially females, are quite conscious of their feet size. As a result, they may opt for the slightly smaller pair rather than one that is a little bit bigger. Do not make this mistake of forcing your feet into running shoes that are too small. You may end up with feet problems.

Preferably, your best running shoes should have about half an inch of space left, from the tip of your longest toe to the edge of the shoe. So next time you are trying on your best running shoes, make sure this amount of space is present.

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