Expect free form running @ the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2017

The 2017 edition of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon will be taking place… with a major difference.

Free form running at Orchard Road

This is because the race, which is taking place on the 4th of March this year, will give athletes the chance to experience “free form running” at the heart of Orchard Road.

MHU 2017 will be different to previous years.

This means that instead of a fixed course, runners will be given the locations of the obstacles in advance and will make their own way to the obstacle zones, on foot, rather than merely following the race route without much thought to it.

At the same time, the runners will have the opportunity to tackle the four brand new obstacle zones as well as the Urban Warrior Course that is marketed as giving you the chance to “push your limits like never before.”

The New Urban Warrior Course

While I do know generally what obstacle races consist of and are aware of the types of obstacles that runners race at such races, I am still quite intrigued by the new premise of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon this year and I am wondering exactly what the organisers have dreamed up of, for us to tackle.

But I suppose that we will find out in due course!


The same modes of training still probably apply to the MHU 2017.

Nevertheless I guess that the main methods of training for such obstacle courses still applies, that is, endurance training like running, coupled together with some weights training and core strengthening, will set most athletes in good stead with what they need to tackle the obstacles.

Some simple core exercises can include squats and lunges – to begin with, focusing on good form and use your body weight only but when you get better at these, then you can start to incorporate in some weights into your squats.

Planking and burpees are also great forms of strength training that will help you to tackle the Urbanathlon and the new urban warrior course. A full body weight exercise, burpees will get you up to stead in no time at all; and in fact to begin with, it may even be a struggle to get 5 or 10 burpees completed as this exercise is so intense.

Try some chin ups as well; this is an exercise that many National Service guys may struggle with, but if you can train enough to get at least 8-10 reps done, then I think that you are good to go.

Flagging off at 9am with multiple waves throughout the day

Now into its eighth edition, the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2017 will flag off at 9am with multiple staggered waves taking place throughout the day till 5pm.

The 2017 race will flag off at 9am with waves throughout the day.

The start point will be located at the Ngee Ann City Civil Plaza, Orchard Road. Spectators are also welcome to cheer on the athletes.

Runner entitlements 

The runner entitlements for the race, will include an adidas race tee, six months digital subscription for the Men’s Health magazine, an F1 Tyre key ring and vouchers from sponsors.

As well, runners who complete the event successfully will also be entitled to a finisher medal and a certificate of completion. Also, those who finish the Urban Warrior Course will also receive a mystery gift.

Here is more on what I think about the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2017 as well as my recommended workout tunes:

Thank you Men’s Health for the opportunity.

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