Race Finisher Tee Shirts: “Rules” For Wearing Them

Wear race finisher tees correctly

Wear race finisher tees correctly

If you are an avid runner, you would probably have many finisher tee shirts, picked up from your various races. You may have tees from your first 5km and 10km runs to recent half and full marathons.

“Rules” For Wearing Them Correctly

Of course, you may prefer some finisher tees to others, because of their style or design. For example, you may like a certain finisher tee because of its cutting and design – or perhaps one that commemorates a special achievement, such as your first full marathon.

Wear Them Correctly

But have you been wearing your favourite finisher tee correctly? Believe it or not, there are certain etiquettes that runners must follow.

These have been compiled for a good laugh. (Taken from here.)

Here are a few fun “don’ts” on the wearing of race finisher tees.

Don’t wear it if you didn’t complete the race

It is not called a finisher tee for a reason. So if you started the race, but didn’t finish it, you don’t have a right to “skite” by wearing the finisher tee of that race.

But you may be granted an exception if you were a volunteer or helper for a particular run.

Don’t wear a shorter distance tee for an ultra marathon event

For an ultra marathon event, if you wear a finisher tee from an earlier race that is less than a marathon distance, you may give others the impression that you are a novice and lack running experience. So before the run, be careful of what you take out from your wardrobe – for your ultra marathon run.

Don’t wear a tee for a cancelled event

If you wear the tee shirt of a race that got cancelled, you must make sure that you actually run the same distance on that day. For example, if you entered a 10km race that got cancelled, you must run 10km on the actual day of the race – to entitle you to wearing that particular race tee.

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  • Tekko says:

    Like that means I must sell all my finisher tees! Anybody want to buy them lol

  • damocles says:

    Such crazy etiquette. Being a runner myself for a period of 5 years, I have never thought in the ways u have described above, and found them absurd.

    Since when runners did give so much attention to what peers wear in a race? And how does running with a 10K finisher tee in a ultra marathon bring such an impression? Everybody has to start from short runs at some point. It seems like you’re speaking your own thoughts, putting excessive judgments on what others wear.

    The tee from a cancelled event? What are you gonna do if you’re not wearing it? Go run in the gym to have this license to wear? After all, it is just a tee. Don’t take it so seriously.

    • Priscilla says:

      These have been compiled for a good laugh and it is a light hearted look at finisher tees.

      As mentioned in the article, these are fun “don’ts.”

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