Gei Gei Running Club – The Coconut Relay

This morning, the Coconut Relay, organised by the Gei Gei Running Club, took place at West Coast Park.

The Coconut Relay attracted a large turnout of runners.

The Coconut Relay attracted a large turnout of runners. [Photo: Gei Gei Runners]

Teams of four runners

Teams, comprising of four runners each, had to bring their own coconuts – which were to be used as the team batons – and each member of every team had to complete one 1km loop of West Coast Park.

And every coconut used in the relay, had to weigh a minimum of 1KG according to the organisers.

Many of the coconuts were creatively decorated.

Many of the coconuts were creatively decorated.

The first thing I had noticed was that many of the coconuts had been decorated either with artistic drawings, creative wordings or handles – to make them easier for the runners to hold. It was all quite interesting; runners can be rather creative.

Meeting up for the run

Some of the runners had met up at Haw Par Villa MRT Station and took a 3km slow jog to the starting point.

However others including me, had met straight at the starting line, which had been located near the McDonald’s Carpark at the West Coast Park.

Warm Up Loop

My team mates and I.

My team mates and I.

After some mingling and photo taking, we started running.

Prior to the actual relay taking place, all runners were required to complete one familiarisation loop around the running route. Before the relay run, we were moving at a slow pace so that we could take in the sights, sounds and scenery. I had been running in tandem with my three team-mates and we were chatting together as we ran. It was quite fun.

A colourful coconut.

With a colourful coconut.

A Grimer Pokemon also decided to paid me a visit during the familiarisation loop – so that had been a pleasant surprise for me!

The relay starts

Then the relay itself started at about eight in the morning. This may have been short, but fun, with runners constantly cheering on team-mates and runners all looking out eagerly for each other.

There were also a few photographers on site, who had volunteered their time to take pictures of the fun running event.

The relay starts!

The relay starts!

I was the last runner so I had time to soak everything up before it was my time to actually run.

My turn to run

The time passed all too fast, and it was soon my turn to start running.

Taking the coconut, I realised that it was not so heavy after all; it wasn’t too hard balancing and holding the coconut in one hand and my mobile phone in the other.

We all look so cute... [Photo taken by Grace Ng]

We all look so cute right… [Photo: Grace Ng]

In my eagerness though I think I had started the loop too fast though; about a couple hundred metres into my run, I began slowing down so that I would not run out of breath too fast. Fortunately I managed to maintain a decent pace and all too soon the 1km loop was over.

After the run

Oops, whose trophy and coconut are these?

Oops, whose trophy and coconut are these?

After the run, there was plenty of drinks for runners to refresh ourselves with – these had included cans of 100PLUS isotonic beverage, coconut water sponsored by the Pasir Ris Park Runners as well as beer. It was a great way to end a fun morning out.

Many of us also later headed to the nearby McDonald’s outlet for breakfast following the session.

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