Great Eastern Women’s Run: K-Pop X Session to Gear Runners Up

During the weekend, a K-Pop X session – where participants danced to the tunes of catchy k-pop songs with aerobic and body-toning moves that were inspired by music video choreography – took place.

This session had been one of the fringe activities to gear runners up for the Great Eastern Women’s Run, taking place on Sunday, 1 November, this year.

GEWR 2015 Runners at K-pop X Fringe Activity. Photo Credit: GEWR

GEWR 2015 Runners at K-pop X Fringe Activity.
Photo Credit: GEWR


No dance background had been required to take part in this fun and engaging workout, which all of the participants had really enjoyed thoroughly. Even I was having plenty of fun grooving along to the catchy tunes myself, though I don’t really listen very often to Korean music.

Said accountant Germaine Tan, 28, “It was interesting and fun. I have never done something like it before, so it was a good experience. And I didn’t find it too tiring either, so this type of exercise is suitable for beginners.”

Hot & sweaty but satisfied.

Hot & sweaty but satisfied.

Added her friend Tiffany Leow, 35, who works in admin, “The songs were quite nice and the actions not too difficult, so it was quite a good workout. Towards the end, I was having some trouble following the steps, but that’s because I don’t exercise much. But I should definitely be joining something like this again, as it’s a fun way to exercise.”


Also finding the workout hard was Raecelyn Saylon, 30. Said the IT Business Process Analyst, “It had seemed easy at first, but the workout was much harder than expected. I thought it would be simple dancing or doing something like that, but it was quite intense. That’s probably because I hardly exercise though, and when I do, it’s usually light cycling.”

It was a fun and engaging workout for the women taking part.

Continued Saylon, “But that aside, it’s very fun and I really enjoyed the music. As I watch a lot of Korean dramas, it was something that resonated with me as well. I also thought it’s a very interesting idea to combine K-Pop together with dancing and exercising – and makes me much more motivated to exercise!”


For student Victoria Er, 23, the K-Pop X session was an eye-opener, as she had been expecting something quite different. She explained, “It was not what I had expected about K-Pop. I had thought it would be more similar to the normal K-Pop dance music videos that you see on YouTube, but I still enjoyed the session! It was very exercise-focused and really opened my eyes up to a new type of exercising.”

She added, “I also thought it was quite simple to follow the moves – and I think the mirrors helped, because if you cannot see the instructor, you can see what everyone else was doing and follow suit.”

Dancing and working out to Korean music. Photo credit:GEWR.

Dancing and working out to Korean music.
Photo credit:GEWR.


For Lyka Obando, a 30-year-old engineer, the K-Pop X fitness session had proved to be much easier workout than what she was used to. Said Obando, “I usually do CrossFit, so this was a much lighter and less intense workout for me. At the same time though, the movements were very fun. I also found the music enjoyable and very new to me – as I don’t really listen to K-Pop.”

She continued, “I think you definitely need this type of workout, for a change of environment and give yourself a break from the type of stuff that you normally do. I would love to do something like this again.”

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