The Green Corridor Run 2015

The Green Corridor Run is a 10.5km trail running event that follows the former KTM rail line, beginning at the Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and ending at the old Bukit Timah Railway Station. Comprising of a combination of trail, grass, gravel and clay, it is a very scenic running route that is quite flat, and with no major hills or inclines.

At this year’s run, there were over 7,000 participants from 69 countries, including Iceland and Kenya.

The Green Corridor Run 2015 is well under way. (Photo: Jason Foo)

The Green Corridor Run 2015 is well under way.
(Photo: Jason Foo)

Race comprised of four waves and a new category, the Water Challenge

This year’s run, which took place last Sunday, comprised of four waves. The first began at 9.00am and the final wave, which was dubbed as the Water Challenge, started at 10.00am. In this brand new non-competitive Water Challenge category, runners were encouraged to carry between three to five litres of water – to experience what it feels like for 44 per cent of the world population – who have to walk long distances to get clean water for domestic use.

Water Challenge was tough, but an enriching experience

One of the runners who took part in the Water Challenge was Imran Ng, 23, a lift technician. He said, “It was an overall enriching experience and made me appreciate the accessibility of getting clean water where I live, as opposed to people who have to walk miles just to be able to get portable water. With the hot, sweltering weather and to carry more than 5 litres of water on our backs while running, it was definitely quite a challenge. It made me even more aware of those who actually have to do this for their regular basic necessities. So it really made me more thankful for what I have.”

Runners are at one of the hydration stations along the race route. (Photo: Cindy Loo)

At one of the hydration stations along the race route.
(Photo: Cindy Loo)

Added Norliza Noordin, 42, an admin executive, who also participated in the final wave, “I ran with two bottles and added on to these with bigger bottles when I picked them up at the water station. It was a good experience as this was the first time I did a run carrying water throughout, until the finishing line. I saw runners with super big buckets and commandos carrying their 35kg bags… and I really respect them for it. I will return next year with bigger bottles or buckets.” However, she added that the weather was scorching hot and the heat was very bad, which had made the run exceptionally tough for her.

Weather was scorching

For participants who were not part of the Water Challenge (and so did not have to carry an extra load), such as Jon Cheal, 46, who works as a Head of Technology, they still noticed the hot, sweltering weather. He said, “The Green Corridor Run is one of my favourite races on the calendar. I have done it each year since it started. Today was the hottest out of the three years. But the good thing about it was that the trail course was in very good condition. So I was very happy with my time of 42 minutes and 48 seconds, and my overall effort.” Cheal admitted though that the race must have been brutal for the Water Challenge participants.

Runners were affected by the heat

Other runners found themselves really affected by the heat during the race. Said Karie Parker, 48, a home-maker, “It would have been nice to have an isotonic drink at the second drink station. I was starting to really feel the heat at that point and an isotonic drink would have been a pretty good boost.”

A generous supply of post-race goodies. (Photo: Cindy Loo)

A generous supply of post-race goodies.
(Photo: Cindy Loo)

Race was well organised and a great experience, but it could have started earlier

However, besides the heat, Parker found the run to be a great experience for her. She added, “I was in the first wave and I thought the crowd was pretty controlled once we all found our paces. The event staff was great at the water stations and passing out the medals, water and fruits at the end. So many times, they tend to just stand around quietly, so it was good to hear their encouragement. Overall, the morning went smoothly, even though I would have preferred an earlier start.”

Fellow runner Cindy Loo, 34, a Youth Arts Officer, also agreed that the race experience was great – and that the race could have started earlier. She explained, “We had enough water stations along the way, as well as clear distance markers every one kilometre apart. There were also safety crews and clear exit signage. There were also supporters along the way and of course, I gave them a high five. I wished there could have been more supporters though, but it’s ok for now. And I really love the race route too, as it’s so natural. The banana, apple, water and medal at the end point were really great as well. But if there was an ice-cold towel or sponge given out too, then that would have been perfect!”

Cindy Loo at the finishing line of The Green Corridor Run 2015. (Photo: Cindy Loo)

Cindy Loo at the finishing line of The Green Corridor Run 2015.
(Photo: Cindy Loo)

Had preferred the late start of the race

For Kenneth Kwok, 49, a research scientist, he said that he had actually preferred the late start of the Green Corridor Run, compared to an early morning race. He explained, “I liked the late start, as it was only a 10km race… so I could sleep in a little.” Kwok also added that even though the route was narrow and it had been a possibility that overtaking would be difficult during the run, many of the runners were considerate, and as a result, Kwok didn’t encounter any issues with runners hogging the path.

A good experience for him

Added Nel Tulsiani, 43, an administrator, “The race was definitely a good experience. Though the route was more challenging than a normal road run and the weather was a challenge, I really enjoyed myself at the race.”

Medal given out to finishers at the Green Corridor Run this year. (Photo: Imran Ng)

Medal given out to finishers at the Green Corridor Run this year.
(Photo: Imran Ng)

Was the complete opposite of last year’s Green Corridor Run experience

For second-time Green Corridor Run participant William Muk, 52, an IT professional, this year’s race experience was the complete opposite of last year’s. He explained, “Last year, it was raining, wet and muddy. But it was nice to run in the cool weather. This year, it was sunny and hot – so chilled water and isotonic drinks would have been nice.”

Agreed Mohammad Bin Jamaludin, 41, a Certis Cisco Auxiliary Police Officer, “I really love running along the Green Corridor trails, be it in rainy and muddy conditions or in sweltering heat. It’s a real challenge that I look forward to every year and I will always rate the Green Corridor route as my favourite running route in Singapore.”

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