Introducing ASICS New FlyteFoam®  Series and a Review of the Noosa FF Shoes

Recently ASICS launched the FlyteFoam Series, comprising of the Noosa FF, Gel-DS Trainer 22 and a colour-updated DynaFlyte, with the aim of bringing the FlyteFoam experience to those who want to have the feeling of running faster. Powered by ASICS patented FlyteFoam® midsole technology, the FlyteFoam series caters to runners across a broad range of foot types and running styles.

ASICS recently launched the FlyteFoam series.

FlyteFoam®  redefines the meaning of fast

Redefining the meaning of fast, the FlyteFoam series gives runners access to ASICS lightest ever midsole technology, FlyteFoam®. All three shoes in the series are engineered with lightweight cushioning to deliver the feeling of speed to a broad spectrum of runners across foot pronation patterns, experience levels and running goals.

I had been recently invited to the ASICS Store at Suntec City for a Q&A session and a presentation of the FlyteFoam shoes. And at the store, national sprinter and ASICS athlete Shanti Pereira had explained to me more about the differences of each of the shoes in the FlyteFoam series.

National sprinter Shanti Pereira brought me through the FlyteFoam shoes.

  • Noosa FF – As ASICS’ triathlon shoe, this fast and light neutral shoe features a technical mesh that helps promote sock-less wear for easy transition during triathlons. The shoe also has a wet-grip outsole so that the shoes can be easily put on and taken off, for a quick transition during triathlon races. It has also been upgraded with FlyteFoam technology for a more responsive ride.Besides being good for triathlon racing, Shanti had also recommended this shoe as being good for a marathon.
  • ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 22 – An incredibly lightweight shoe, this too features the FlyteFoam technology for an optimal lightweight ride, together with better bounce back, cushioning and a greater energy return during strides.This shoe, according to Shanti, is great for track interval workouts whereby lightness and speed is important.
  • ASICS DynaFlyte – Featuring ASICS’ revolutionary FlyteFoam technology to produce a lightweight shoe that does not sacrifice responsiveness, the seamless construction of this shoe promotes forefoot support and at the same time, reduces the potential for blistering and irritation when running.Shanti recommended this as an all-purpose running shoe that can be used for any type of run and of all distances, ranging from a 5km to a marathon.

I tried out the three FlyteFoam shoes on a treadmill.

I tried out all three of the FlyteFoam shoes on the store’s treadmill. The first thing that I noticed was how light and speedy the Gel-DS Trainer 22 had felt on my feet – to the extent that I could have possibly been flying. There had been plenty of cushioning on the DynaFlyte too, that had literally seemed to make me feel like I was bouncing as I ran. As for the Noosa FF, my first impression had been that these shoes were great in terms of their grip and thus great for running on uneven surfaces.


I ended up choosing the Noosa FF to take home.

Since bringing them back, I have run with the Noosa FF shoes on several occasions, with my longest run lasting about an hour. The heel counter at the bottom may be a tad on the hard side, but then again, this is quite understandable as this is a triathlon shoe, the hardness makes it easy for your feet to slip in and out of the shoes without the heel counter collapsing.

I took home the Noosa FF shoes.

The shoes are quite easy to slip on though, as there seems to be more friction created between the shoe and the foot when you are placing them on your feet, allowing the shoes to slide on seamlessly. This is a good thing especially during the triathlon transitions, when you need to get off the bike and begin your run as quickly as possible without wasting time.

As well, there also seems to be plenty of room in the toe box for the feet to expand when running for long distances such as marathons.

And I have not tried actually running sock-less with the shoes, but I have tried putting the shoe on without socks and I discovered that due to the seamless construction of the shoes that are targeted at reducing the potential for friction and irritation, they are quite comfortable. However there is still a slight degree of itch though, when I’m sock-less.

Though I have not tried the Noosa FF shoes in rainy weather yet, the grip of the soles seem to be great for running in wet weather for when the ground gets slippery.

The Noosa FF may also not be the softest and most cushioned shoes out there, but they are quite comfortable to run long distances in, thanks to the RearFoot GEL® cushioning system that attenuates shock during the impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to mid-stance.

The Noosa FF shoes are comfortable enough to run long distances in.

At the same time, the 10mm heel gradient helps to shift the body mass forward, thus reducing the strain on the lower limbs when running. So as such, running with these shoes feels quite seamless and I don’t really feel the impact of the ground during my runs.

And though it may not be as obvious when compared to the ASICS DynaFlyte shoes, the Noosa FF has sufficient cushioning for a comfortable enough toe-off thanks to the revolutionary FlyteFoam® technology present in the shoes, which provides an exceptional bounce back and responsiveness when running.

The shoes are also quite cooling to run in, even with the tropical Singapore heat. The feet does not feel hot and sticky midway through the run, as the shoes are quite well ventilated.

Overall I think that the Noosa FF is a great and comfortable pair of running shoes, that I can see myself running in.

The ASICS Noosa FF shoes are currently retailing at ASICS stores across Singapore for $199.

At the same time, the Gel-DS Trainer retails at $199 and the DynaFlyte has a recommended retailing price of $229, at all ASICS stores.

Try out the Noosa FF and the other FlyteFoam shoes

Try out the Noosa FF and the other FlyteFoam shoes on 1 and 2 April.

And to coincide with the launch of the FlyteFoam series, ASICS is also inviting runners to come in groups of three on Saturday 1 April and Sunday 2 April, between 11am-8pm at the Suntec City West Atrium to try on the shoes. Each member of the group will wear one of the trial pairs from the FlyteFoam series and each individual members of the winning team that clocks the most mileage within five minutes, will walk away with a pair of running shoes from the FlyteFoam Fast series.

ASICS Pace Academy

Alongside the FlyteFoam Fast series, ASICS is also introducing the Pace Academy, a series of RunKeeper workouts, pro tips and inspiration from top athletes, with the aim of helping runners to improve their speed. Workouts will be tailored according to the abilities of individual runners, along with audio coaching.

Pace Academy will be available in RunKeeper from mid-April in English and from mid-May in other languages.

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