Marathon des Sables: Track Two S’poreans Running Across the Sahara Desert

Wei Chong and Ian are running the Marathon Des Sables to raise funds for Save Our Stray Dogs (SOSD).

Wei Chong and Ian are running the Marathon Des Sables to raise funds for Save Our Stray Dogs (SOSD).

Singaporeans Chin Wei Chong and Ian Lye are running the gruelling Marathon des Sables, a 250km trek across the Sahara Desert – from now untill 14 April this year.

Click here to read about a pre-race interview with the Singaporean duo.

Raising funds for Save Our Street Dogs

They are taking on this arduous race to raise funds for Save our Street Dogs and have so far, accumulated about $12,000 in donations.

Give them moral support

While Wei Chong and Ian are running, you can give moral support to these two ultra-marathoners by emailing them some words of encouragement.

You may email them at this link and follow the instructions in the link.

Your message will be printed out and passed to the runners every night once they have finished running for the day.

To write to Ian, please put “Race no. 429, LYE, Chi Hsiung Ian”.

To write to Wei Chong, please put “Race no. 432, CHIN, Wei Chong.”

However, in your note, do not send any attachments or photos, otherwise the message will be automatically cancelled. Just send your encouragement via plain text.

Tracking the Runners

You may also track Ian and Wei Chong’s progress throughout the race at 

You can do this by using the names and race bib numbers above.

You can also follow their race progress through

At the end of each day, you will also be able to find information about the day’s rankings, photos and live footage at the finishing line on the same website.

Ian and Wei Chong are running to save the street dogs. You can help them and give the dogs a home by donating through

While you are in the charity mood, do consider showing your support for the disabled athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council too. You may do so by clicking on

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