Last Minute Marathon Running Tips For The 2XU Compression Run

The 2XU Compression Run takes place this coming Sunday. If you are participating in the race and have trained well, you should probably be looking forward to the day and eager to run the race. Regardless of whether you are taking part in the 42km Full Marathon, 21km Half Marathon or the 10km run, here are some last-minute running tips to prepare for the 2XU Compression Run (Singapore) and these should probably see you safely through to the finishing line.

So you are all set and ready to take part in the 2XU Compression Marathon 2014.

So you are all set and ready to take part in the 2XU Compression Marathon 2014

Eat More Carbohydrates

This is very important, especially for the Full Marathon runners, who will be using up a lot of energy in their 42km run. You need to build up on the amount of carbohydrates (such as spaghetti, white rice and bread) that you will be eating, especially in the final three days prior to the run. This is called carbo-loading. In fact, the amount of carbohydrates that you eat should be roughly about 70 to 80 per cent of your total food intake – during this period. One huge pasta dinner the night before, is not sufficient to give you enough carbohydrates to see you through to the finishing line of the race. A good strategy is to space out your carbohydrates over three days and your final pre-race evening meal the night before, should be something that is rich in carbohydrates. Don’t overeat the night before though, otherwise you may feel bloated and uncomfortable during the race. Note that racing on an empty stomach is bad too, because you won’t have any energy to run the race. So for breakfast, have a light snack such as cereals or bread at least two hours before the race – to stop hunger pangs during the race. You could also munch on some energy bars about one hour before the race.

Make sure you get enough sleep for the race.

Make sure you get enough sleep for the race.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important to runners. Try to get enough sleep a few days before the race, especially the night before. A minimum of eight hours of sleep would be good – the night before. However, it may be hard to do so, because of the early morning flag-off times. The 2XU Full Marathon starts at 4am and the Half Marathon begins at 4.45am. But you should try your best to get as much rest as you can.

Drink enough water

Hydration is very important when it comes to running. If you don’t drink enough, your muscles may get cramps, from lack of fluids and your post-race recovery will be slower. Some runners recommend drinking at least 500ml of water, one to two hours before the race.

Prepare your race strategy

Plan your race strategy and stick to it. If you aim to run the race at a certain speed, for example, six minutes per kilometre, make sure you do not overdo it and run too fast – just because other runners around you are racing off the blocks at breakneck speed.  If you stick to your plan, then you will run a good race.

Prepare the night before

You should prepare yourself the night before the race and get all your gear and essentials ready. These include your race bib and timing chip, running shoes, smartphone, house keys and energy gels. By doing so, you won’t be rushing around on the morning of the race – and forgetting something as a result. Taping up tight muscles with kinesiology tapes to reduce aches and pains during the race may also be done. But be sure to do this the night before, so that you don’t forget on the day itself. To avoid corns, blisters and black toenails, parts of the feet that are affected, can also be taped up. In the morning, applying Vaseline to parts of the body that are prone to chaffing may also help – to make you more comfortable during the race.

Enjoy Your Run

Most importantly, just go out there and have fun. Do not set too many goals and expectations on yourself. The loftier the goals that you set, the less you will enjoy the race – and this may even kill your enthusiasm for running as a result. So just calm down and run the race with a relaxed mind. Sometimes, listening to soothing music as you run may help you to calm down and have fun too. After all running is a calming activity that you are supposed to enjoy.

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