Captain America and A Horse at the MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014

The festive mood was definitely in full swing at the inaugural MediaCorp Hong Bao Run yesterday. Many runners dressed up as Superheroes and Chinese New Year themed characters.

Chinese New Year Horse with Rider

Chinese New Year Horse with Rider

A group of costumed runners that caught my eye were three friends – they were dressed as Captain America, Thor and a Horse with Rider. I spoke to both Captain America and the Horse Rider to talk about their costumes and the race.

Captain America is actually 30-year-old financial planner Charles Li, while the Horse Rider is 30-year-old teacher, Sebastian Soo.

Read on, to find out what they both said.

Where did you get your costume from?

Sebastian: I saw this horse costume online so I decided to buy it and it cost me about $100. I think the horse costume is perfect for today.

Charles: I borrowed it from Sebastian.

Have you taken part in a race wearing a costume before?

Sebastian: Yes. This is the second time I have done so. Last year, I dressed up as Captain America, in the costume that Charles (my friend) is wearing today.

Yes, superheroes sometimes need an energy booster too.

Yes, superheroes sometimes need an energy booster too.

What made you take part in this run in your costume?

Charles: I proposed to my wife in a minion costume. That was the first time I initially became interested in costumes. So because of that, my friends decided to ask me to take part in this run in one and I thought, why not? So Sebastian loaned me the Captain America costume.

Actually, I am not usually a runner, but it is fun running in a costume and the weather today is quite cool too. It is also the New Year period, so I thought, why not enjoy myself?

Was it difficult or hot to run in your costume?

Sebastian: Yes, it was a little tough going. I had blisters on my legs because of abrasions – the costume was rubbing against them.

I also think that the horse hindered my movement but it was still manageable. I just treated today’s race as a fun run.

Charles: No, I didn’t have much trouble, because the weather was good this morning. My costume is also easily inflatable, so the air trapped inside the costume helps to keep me cool and breezy too.

Horse Rider posing with Thor and the pink-haired lady

Horse Rider posing with Thor and the pink-haired lady

Did you get many people wanting to talk to you?

Sebastian: Actually no. People probably saw that I was running so they did not want to disturb me. But many waved and encouraged me to continue.

Charles: A lot of people wanted to take photos of me, so I got many vying for my attention. It was my costume that was the celebrity though – not me!

Would you wear a costume to run again?

Charles: Well, if my friends are going to run again in a costume, then I will consider joining them.

What costume would you wear next time?

Charles: Maybe my minion costume, if it is a shorter run. But for long runs, it is quite hard to run in this suit because the costume is very big and bulky. It’s a whole suit and very fluffy.

What tips would you give to runners interested to wear costumes?

Charles: Just do it! It’s a fun idea. There’s no problem in doing so if its just a leisure run – unless you want good timings.

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