Meet the Pocari Sweat Run Singapore Astronaut at FairPrice outlets and Win Prizes

The astronaut had looked quite out of place, in the middle of the supermarket.

The astronaut.

The astronaut.

Decked out in a fancy looking white space suit, complete with a space helmet completely covering his face, the astronaut was certainly attracting attention at the FairPrice outlet at the NEX shopping mall in Serangoon last Saturday. Families and kids were stopping to take a second glance, and children were queuing up to have photo opportunities with him.

In fact I also could not help myself but take a photo with the astronaut too, because he had all looked so out of this world, with his space suit.

With the Pocari Sweat astronaut.

With the Pocari Sweat astronaut.

Pocari Sweat Singapore activations

He had been part of Pocari Sweat Singapore’s astronaut activation recruitment drive, for the upcoming Pocari Sweat Run on 23 July this year.

At the NEX recruitment drive, besides the astronaut there was also a small booth manned by a staff member from Pocari Sweat Singapore, as well as plenty of Pocari Sweat items, such as sachets of powdered beverage, drink bottles and towels.

Pocari Sweat activation booth at NEX.

Pocari Sweat activation booth at NEX.

With the blue and white Pocari Sweat colour being displayed prominently throughout the activation booth, it was essentially quite difficult to miss, for casual passers-by who had been walking through the supermarket.

Let’s Run to the Moon

With the theme, Let’s Run to the Moon, the Pocari Sweat Run this year, ties in together with Pocari Sweat Singapore’s attempt to have the first beverage on the Moon, through the Lunar Dream Capsule Project.

The astronaut was a hit with the children.

The astronaut was a hit with the children.

In cooperation with AstroScale, an expert in space technology design and state-of-the-art technology, a capsule will be built to transport Pocari Sweat powder to the Moon, with the hope that one day the beverage can be made using water found on the Moon’s surface.

Promotional activities held at the activation centres

The Pocari Sweat activation has been taking place at various FairPrice supermarkets around Singapore with several promotional activities available.

With every $5 purchase of Pocari Sweat products, customers can have a photo taken of themselves floating in outer space in an astronaut outfit and have this printed out on the spot to take home through the specially designed Space Pods.


The first 50 participants to have their photos taken will also receive a Pocari Sweat squeeze bottle and sachet as a token of appreciation.

The astronaut will make appearances at selected times during the coming weekend activations at various FairPrice outlets in heartland malls such as Hougang, Jurong, Bedok and Changi.

Here is a full list of FairPrice outlets and dates that the activation is taking place.

[See Table]


Lucky draw to win a Jabra Sports Pulse

And this same $5 purchase will also entitle you to a lucky draw where you will stand a chance to win a Jabra Sports Pulse, worth $298.

To enter this lucky draw, take a photo of your proof-of-purchase receipt and send it to 8247-6718.

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