Mizuno Ekiden 2017 Prices Reduced, Closing Date Extended to July 16

The first full fledged Ekiden relay race in Singapore, the Mizuno Ekiden 2017 will be taking place from 4pm onwards at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, come Saturday 19 August this year.

Mizuno Ekiden is back on August 19.

Ekiden is a Japanese style long distance running race

Ekiden in Japanese terms, stands for a long distance relay running race which is how Mizuno Ekiden is structured.

By taking part in the race, runners will have the chance to display individual perseverance, teamwork, and the ability to perform in challenging situations. These are all core Japanese values that the race is promoting.

There are three categories for runners to take part in and these are the Open Category (42.195km), Open Category (21.1km) and the Corporate Category (21.1km). There is also a brand new Running Club category (42.195km) for running groups who have been active for a minimum of three months to compete and challenge each other. All team members in the Running Club category must be residents of any ASEAN country.

There is a brand new category for Running Clubs this year.

Closing date for registration is 16 July

And to encourage runners who may be sitting on the fence to sign up for the race, the prices for the various categories are reduced now and the closing date for registration has been extended to 16 July 2017.

For the 42.195km Open Team of 4 category, runners will pay a team entry rate of S$230 and for the 21.1km Open Team of 4 category, runners team entry rate is S$210.

Here is a table consisting of the full registration rates for runners.

Celebrate your run at the Matsuri Race Village

Runners can celebrate their achievements after the race at the Matsuri Japanese Race Village, where they can tuck into Japanese food, games and activities. The village is also open to members of the public, so friends and family members of the runners can join in and celebrate as well.

Mizuno Ekiden is a race where family and friends can get together.

Truly a race where friends can get together

I have participated in the Mizuno Ekiden since its inception and it is truly a race where family members or friends can get together, chitchat and have fun while waiting for their team mates to complete their legs.

So I can’t wait to run again with my friends in this year’s Mizuno Ekiden race.

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