Return of Mizuno’s Flagship Racer: The Wave Hitogami 2

Fans of the original Mizuno Wave Hitogami will fall head over heels, for the second edition of the Japanese company’s flagship racing shoes.

Credit: Mizuno Singapore.

The Wave Hitogami 2 packs a high cushion to weight ratio. Photo credit: Mizuno Singapore.

That’s because the Wave Hitogami 2 features a brand new design, showcasing the immense characteristics of the Tengu – a mythical Japanese figure known for his ability to move with great speed and rapidity. So with that in mind, this purpose of this shoe is to inspire runners to move with the speed and agility of the Tengu.

Light, flexible and efficient shoes

Moreover, the Wave Hitogami 2 features a high cushion-to-weight ratio, the Parallel Wave Technology, for unsurpassed cushioning and stability, and a medial flat midsole for that close-to-ground feeling. This allows the shoe to be light, flexible and efficient.

Technology featured in the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 Shoes

Here is a brief synopsis of the technology being featured in the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 shoes.

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Weight, Cost and Availability of the shoes in Singapore

The shoes weigh 215 grams and are available for both men and women, at all Mizuno concept stores and selected World of Sports outlets across Singapore. They are retailing at $169.

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