Mizuno Wave Inspire 12: Helps you run Farther and Longer

Engineered to add support without adding weight, the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 road running shoes have the lightweight support that you need, to run farther and longer. With an improved upper mesh that provides a soft and structural increased blown rubber for maximum durability.

Suitable for over-pronators, the shoe comes with a redesigned U4ic midsole platform to give you a soft touch down when you run, as well as with a Double Fan Wave for a stable ride and to reduce pronation without increasing the stiffness felt during runs.

Women's version of the new Mizuno shoes.

Women’s version of the new Mizuno shoes.

Runners have a positive impression of the shoes

Runners who have already tried out the shoes, have a positive impression of them. Said a user, VPETERSEN23, who posted on the Mizuno USA website, “The shoes are sturdy and very supportive, and my feet feel very well cushioned when I have them on.”

He added, “Given that they are so supportive and solid, I thought they would have felt heavy on my feet. But to the contrary, they feel rather lightweight, which I am a huge fan of. There’s nothing better than having a bounce in my step and feeling lighter with every mile.”

Nic, a fitness blogger from San Diego, California, felt the same way about the shoes. She said, “I really didn’t think I would love these shoes so much – but after this past weekend, I am sold and would definitely recommend this shoe to my family and friends.”

She continued, “The fit is comfortable, snug and flexible. This allows me to train hard in my shoes knowing that the structure and fit will not be compromised.”

The men's version.

The men’s version.

Where can you get the shoes from

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is now available at a special price of $155 (UP $195) at Mizuno concept stores and all World of Sports outlets in Singapore.

The women’s model comes in at 8.9oz (252grams) and the men’s model has a weight of 10.6oz (300grams).

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