New Year Resolution goals for Runners

Setting realistic goals in running can ensure many years of commitment to the sport. But at the same time, setting lofty or unrealistic goals can destroy any interest in running.

Here are some goal setting ideas for runners for the new year ahead.

What are your running goals for the year ahead?

Time target

Targeting a specific amount of time for running will be useful to both beginners as well as experienced runners.

For example, if you are starting out, why not aim to run for a set amount of time. Targeting about half an hour of running would be good, if you are starting out. If you are unable to run for a full half hour yet, you can consider gradually improving on your stamina till you get there.

Or if you are an experienced runner and you want to push yourself a bit more, why not look at a slightly more ambitious target – such as running non-stop for one hour – three times a week?

Distance target

For experienced runners, targeting to complete certain distances will also be a great goal to aim towards. For example, if you are comfortable with half marathons and marathons, why not push yourself further and target to complete an ultra – for this new year?

For less experienced runners, you could also consider, for example, transitioning from the 10km to the half marathon distance, and push yourself a little further as well.

Set a time goal

Another resolution that runners can consider making, is to set a new time goal for themselves. For example if you have just succeeded in breaking the 30-minute 5km goal last year, why not push this a bit further and say, aim to break 28-minutes? Or if that sub two hour half marathon has eluded you thus far, why not target that in the new year?

Why not push yourself to a new personal best running time?

Weight Loss/Gain

If you are at your optimum weight for your height, you will be able to run at your body’s maximum capacity. So if you may be a tad overweight or underweight, you can set a possible goal – to lose or gain weight in a healthy manner, and you will be able to improve your running performances at the same time.

When losing or gaining weight though, it is important to go about it in a healthy way – for example, continuing to eat regular meals every day without skipping meals, as well as perhaps cutting down on fast food meals and snacking on perhaps fruits, instead of cakes and cookies.

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