OSIM 2015 Sundown Marathon: Elite Runners Mok Ying Rong and Colin Tung to conduct running clinics

Mok Ying Rong. Photo: Facebook.

Mok Ying Rong.
Photo: Facebook.

National runners Mok Ying Rong and Colin Tung will be conducting running clinics – to share their running and recovery tips this weekend – on 11 April, at 2.00pm and 5.30pm respectively.

Mok is self-coached and a winner of 2014’s Sundown Half Marathon Women’s Open Category.

Colin Tung has obtained podium finishes at several running races in Singapore including winning the Army Half Marathon 2014 and a fourth-placed finish overall at the ST Run at the Hub 2014.

Running clinics will take place this weekend

This running clinics will be taking place at the OSIM Sundown Marathon Event Launch, which will be held from 11 April to 12 April at VivoCity. At the launch, runners who register on site will get to enjoy attractive launch rates and be entitled to goodie bags from the event sponsors.

Here are the details of the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2015’s Launch Event.

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Mok Ying Rong and Colin Tung are two of the Sundown Tribe ambassadors

Mok and Tung are two of the 20 Sundown Marathon’s Tribe ambassadors this year. Race participants will get the chance to join the ambassadors, as they embark on a platform to raise funds for beneficiaries that are close to their hearts. This is a charity outreach and corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort by OSIM Sundown Marathon.

Colin Tung. Credit: RedSports.sg.

Colin Tung.
Credit: RedSports.sg.

Mok is raising funds for ACRES Lifestyle Warriors and Tung is raising funds for SportsCares.

Both runners and non-runners alike who are interested to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, can donate to any of the meaningful causes at Sundown With Love, at http://www.giveasia.org/movement/sundown_with_love_2015

Sundown Marathon is partnering OSIM for the first time

Partnering with OSIM – Asia’s Number One healthy lifestyle brand – for the first time, Sundown Marathon, which is now into its eighth edition, is also set to thrill fans with its brand new theme this year, Pulse of the Tribe. This innovative theme seeks to encompass and include every single runner at the OSIM Sundown Marathon on race day. Regardless of their age or category, the runners will form a collective Tribe as they prepare to motivate each other to conquer the night.

Sundown Marathon is partnering with OSIM this year. Credit: Sundown Marathon.

Sundown Marathon is partnering with OSIM this year.
Credit: Sundown Marathon.

Said Mr Adrian Mok, Managing Director of HiVelocity Events, the owner and organiser of Sundown Marathon, “We are very pleased to have OSIM on board with us as the title sponsor. We are thrilled to find a partner who shares our vision of inspiring well-being throughout a wider community through running.”

OSIM is pleased to come on board as Sundown Marathon title sponsor

OSIM is pleased to come on board as the title sponsor of Singapore’s largest night marathon. The marathon is in line with its mission to Inspire Well-Being, and OSIM likewise, hopes to encourage more Singaporeans to start to live well and take control of their overall well being through – exercise.

Said Ms Lynn Tan, General Manager of OSIM Singapore, “Being Asia’s number one healthy lifestyle brand, our aim is to inspire well-being to everyone from all walks of life, and we also wish to contribute to Singapore’s running scene in every possible way.”

“Sundown Marathon is an innovative and unique run that races through the night, thus challenging runners to do their best to break conventional boundaries, and this is in line with OSIM’s spirit – which is to always challenge ourselves to do our best. We look forward to having more runners, both beginners and experienced, to join us at the OSIM Sundown Marathon and enjoy the run in all categories,” she added.

Race to cater to runners of all abilities

So to cater to runners of all abilities, the OSIM Sundown Marathon has likewise, introduced a new 5KM category – on top of its standard 10KM, 21.1KM and 42.195KM ones. This new category, open to anyone above the age of six, will encourage beginners to challenge themselves and attempt a shorter distance – thus, inspiring them to start on a sports journey to improve their well-being.

Be part of Singapore’s largest night race – a the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2015 – and form the Pulse of the Tribe. Visit www.sundownmarathon.com for more information.

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