Pocari Sweat Run 2014: My Race Experience


Finisher’s Medal and Gift Pouch

This morning, I took part in the Pocari Sweat Run 2014, which offers two competitive categories – the 5km and 10km distances. I had entered the 10km run.

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Treating it like a recovery run

This race took place one week after my Sundown Marathon exertions last weekend. At Sundown, I had drained myself both physically and mentally by running 42km through the night. As a result, I was basically treating the Pocari Sweat Run more like a recovery run.

So even though it was supposed to be a competitive run, I was focusing more on enjoying myself and having a relaxing run, rather than getting stressed over the race.

Good run through Singapore’s city fringes

It was a good recovery run, through Singapore’s city fringes. The route, starting and ending near the Nicoll Highway MRT station, brought us past the Sports Hub, Geylang Road, Suntec City and the Singapore Flyer.


Runners crossing the finishing line

Due to the early start of the race at 6.30am, it was a rather cool morning at first and the initial couple of kilometres felt great. Even though I was feeling quite sleepy and yawning at the starting line, I quickly woke up when I began running – due to the adrenaline rush.

Sun began to rise quickly

However, the sun rose quickly and soon after, the heat began to get to me and so I found myself slowing down.

I am not a fan of running in wet weather, but it was at this point, that I was hoping for a mini drizzle, so that it would get a little cooler and breezier! Unfortunately though, it was not to be.

But despite the hot weather, I still managed to find some hidden energy (that I didn’t realise I had) to put on a burst of speed when I saw the 9km marker – this meant that there was only one more kilometre to go.


Post-Race Carnival

Slopes were challenging

This route also had some challenging up-slopes and downslopes, so this made it more difficult – compared to some of my other 10km runs.

But it was still manageable and the stretches of flat ground made up for these challenging portions of the run. So in this way, it balanced itself out. At least there were no bottlenecks or congestions though, and I was quite grateful for that.

Plenty of Pocari Sweat and water

It was good that there were plenty of Pocari Sweat drinks available at the hydration stations.

Along the 10km route, there were four of these stations, each about 2km apart, offering runners both Pocari Sweat as well as water. So that really helped me to replenish my energy supplies during the run – to recharge myself.

All mine!

This bottle’s all mine!

And at the end of the race, runners were given a full 500ml bottle of Pocari Sweat, which I gratefully accepted. At the same time, there was also a hydration station tent at the end point, to supply more isotonic drinks to thirsty runners after their race – a thoughtful gesture by the organisers.

Interesting Looking Medal

The shape and design of the finisher’s medal was rather interesting.

Instead of the usual round medals, this one literally came in the shape of a blue-coloured Pocari Sweat bottle. I thought that this was both eye-catching and innovative. I wouldn’t have minded the medal to be a little bigger, though!

Post-Race Goodie Bag

Besides the medal, a Pocari Sweat towel and a smart-looking running pouch were given away in the post-race goodie bag.

But what I really wanted at the end of the race though, was to have an icy-cool towel to refresh myself with!

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