Race Preview: The Green Race Ultra Challenge Singapore 2016

Taking place on 27 February 2016 at the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station, The inaugural Singapore edition of the Green Race Ultra Challenge takes place along a 9.3km loop that will bring runners through the Green corridor, Berlukar hills and Kampong trails.

The Green Race takes place partly along the Green Corridor trails. [Photo taken from www.expatliving.sg]

The Green Race takes place partly along the Green Corridor trails pictured here.
[Photo taken from www.expatliving.sg]

A 9.3km race course that winds through the Rail Corridor

Said Co-Race Director Sanmuga Rathinam, 46, “The race course itself is 9.3km long and winding through the rail corridor, through the Mandai Pipeline, into Durian Loop and the Kampong Trail. The terrain varies from flat ground, to twisted and rocky paths and some short but steep uphills.”

He added, “Those doing the Single Loop and the Double Loop will be introduced to some of the best trails available, surrounding Bukit Timah area. For the Unlimited Rounds category, the challenge is to clock as many of the 9.3km loops as they can within the eight hours. The brave souls will have to fight the heat and the humidity in some parts of the trail. To continuously do the same loop is also a mental challenge. The race calls not only for physical fitness but also mental fitness.”

Race comes to Singapore for the first time

The Green Race originated in Hong Kong and since then, it has been staged in several countries such as Thailand, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. Now it will be in Singapore for the first time.

The Green Race made its debut in Hong Kong. [Photo taken from liv-magazine.com]

The Green Race made its debut in Hong Kong.
[Photo taken from liv-magazine.com]

Why bring The Green Race to Singapore? Said Sanmuga, “The objective of Green Race is to increase awareness of water reduction globally. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with people from various countries already living and working here. Running is also a sport that is so actively pursued in Singapore. There are so many different types of runs here, but most are done on the roads. There are only a handful of trail runs in Singapore.”

He added, “So many runners are not aware of the various trails that are available in Singapore. So we decided to host the Singapore edition to create an awareness of the various trails available here. We also hope to use the Singapore Edition as one of the key platforms to increase the effort to go green.”

The Green Race hopes to educate trail runners about saving nature and greenery

This also ties in with the intention of The Green Race globally – which is to educate the current generation of trail runners about the importance of maintaining and saving the very little greenery that we have left.

The organisers hope to educate runners about preserving the greenery in the trails. [Photo taken from liv-magazine.com]

The organisers hope to educate runners about preserving the greenery in the trails.
[Photo taken from liv-magazine.com]

Said Sanmuga, “We are racing to save the greenery, which will be long gone, unless we take action to reduce our waste. Being trail runners ourselves, we are already seeing the impact as more of the greenery is being destroyed, in pursuit of economic development.”

He added, “So we decided to start a race, which would show our fellow runners, the importance of helping to keep the greenery by adopting simple changes to our lifestyles. Simple changes such as reducing the amount f plastic bags they use to carry their sweaty clothes and keeping their trash with them instead of throwing it on the trails and bringing their own cups to running events to reduce the use of plastic and paper cups.”

And the race pack for The Green Race will encourage these habits – as it will be distributed with a recyclable lock bag, to encourage participants to continue to use the bag for their sporting activities.

Three different categories for runners of all abilities

There are three categories in this race. Runners can choose to sign up for a single 9.3km loop, two rounds of the 9.3km route or as many rounds as they are possibly able to complete within eight hours.

Said Sanmuga, “The 9.3km Single Loop category is seen as an introductory event for those who have not ventured into trail running. Our experience has taught us, that trail running is totally different from road running. Often when road runners start trail running, they are quite surprised by how much longer they may take to clear the same distance when compared to running on the road.”

Trail running is a different kettle of fish to road running. [Photo taken from sg.asia-city.com]

Trail running is a different kettle of fish to road running.
[Photo taken from sg.asia-city.com]

He added, “The two-round category is targeted at those who are already comfortable with trail running but wish to try and clock a better timing. This will fit perfectly for those who are comfortable with doing the half-marathon distance.”

On the other hand, Sanmuga added that the Unlimited Rounds within eight hours category is for those who wish to break their comfort zone. He said, “We are looking at those full marathon runners who have typically done the 42.195km on road races. In this category, we are giving them the opportunity to complete at least five loops to chalk up a total distance of 46.5km. This is the primary challenge for those who have never gone beyond the Full Marathon distance. Break this barrier and you will become a new-born ultra runner!”

Runner Entitlements

All participants who take part in this event will receive a Race Pack comprising of a CompressSport event tee and discount vouchers which will come in a tardy and re-usable multi-purpose click lock bag that can comfortably fit your running shoes and sweaty clothing.

Fruits, water and isotonic drinks will also be made available to all registered participants at the event. As well, all runners will get a finisher medal made from recycled wood produced in Canada which also doubles up as a coaster or keychain.

For the top three male and female runners of each category, they will receive cash vouchers, trail running tops, running shorts, calf sleeves and visors, all donated by CompressSport.

Tips for potential participants of The Green Race

What tips does Sanmuga have, for those who are keen to take part in the inaugural Singapore edition of The Green Race?

What tips do the organisers have for aspiring trail runners? [Photo taken from www.menshealth.com.sg]

One tip for aspiring trail runners is to get proper trail running shoes.
[Photo taken from www.menshealth.com.sg]

He said, “Those who are venturing into trail running for the first time, please make sure that you get proper trail running shoes that can provide a good grip.”

Added Sanumga, “The Green Race primary objective is to educate the trail running community on the etiquette of using the trails and the opportunity to pick up some good habits of reducing wastage. These include not littering the trails and disposing your waste at the trash cans provided, bringing your own drinking cup and not feeding the monkeys should you chance upon them.”

More information and Registration

For more information and how to sign up for The Green Race Ultra Challenge Singapore 2016, check out their event website. http://www.thegreenrace.sg/our-events/

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