Review: Puma Ignite Running Shoes

Marketed as a high performance running shoe featuring innovative foam technology, the Puma Ignite shoes maximise energy returns – to keep you running both faster and longer. It is Puma’s most responsive running shoe to date, optimising comfort and durability.

The sleek looking Puma Ignite shoes.

The sleek looking Puma Ignite shoes.

Usain Bolt, the World’s Fastest Man (who loves wearing the Puma Ignite running shoes), said, “I need a shoe that is comfortable and keeps my energy up. I love Ignite for that, and can feel that it makes a real difference. It’s a pretty good looking shoe as well.”

I was given a pair of the Puma Ignite shoes to try out. I wore it on several training runs, with the longest being just under 15 kilometres. Here are my comments.

Sleek and cool shoes

When I first opened the box and saw the shoes, my first impression was that the Puma Ignites look pretty sleek and cool. My pair is sky blue, but there are a wide range of other pretty colours such as electric blue, red and white, which will probably appeal to different tastes.

Extremely comfortable to wear

These are an extremely comfortable, yet sturdy and durable pair of shoes to wear. In fact, the moment I put my feet inside the Puma Ignites, I was taken aback by how comfortable and soft the sock liner is. At the same time, the suede tongue on the Puma Ignites is extremely slim and soft – and this added to the comfort level of these shoes. In fact, when I was wearing these shoes, I could barely feel the tongue at all.

As for the innovative foam midsole, this felt really soft, and made the shoe feel almost as though it was an extension of my own feet. I felt very natural when I ran.

Also, the flexible seamless mesh in the shoe wraps round the foot very nicely in a perfect fit. At the same time though, there is also a good amount of space inside the toe box and the toes do not feel cramped at all.

Trying on the Puma Ignites - and they're very comfortable.

Trying on the Puma Ignites – and they’re very comfortable.

Shoes feel very light and running becomes effortless

When I actually ran in them, I could immediately feel the lightness. This is despite the 12mm drop, which is typically considered as quite large for running shoes in general. At the same time, running felt really effortless – I seemed to be running slightly faster and without getting so exhausted – because of the responsive feature of the shoes in being able to provide maximum energy returns. This was definitely a big difference compared to other heavier running shoes. At the same time though, the shoe also seemed to give my feet good support and cushioning, and by the end of my run, I still felt that I could have run on for longer.

Recalling my very first run in these, I felt as though I could simply keep running on and on. I had completed about 13 kilometres of running in the end – which was about 1.5 times more than what I had initially targeted for the day. As well, with the extra support and cushioning that the shoes provides too, this will be good to reduce the stress on the knees while running.

This responsiveness and cushioning that I had immediately detected in the shoes is due to the presence of ForEverFoam, which is strategically placed inside the heel of every pair of Puma Ignites. This is a compound used heavily in the automotive industry that creates long-lasting durability and is entirely new to the running shoe market.

Said Karin Baust, Running Training Business Unit General Manager at Puma, “This shoe has been a long time in the making. We’ve been working on the foam innovation and tooling for a number of years. An advancement in footwear technology like this doesn’t come around every day and we’re confident that this is going to have a big impact on a wide range of runners around the world.”

A revolutionary pair of running shoes.

A revolutionary pair of running shoes.

Overall comments

As a whole, this is definitely a very stylish and sleek pair of running shoes – that certainly does not compromise comfort or performance at the same time. I really enjoyed running in these, and I can definitely see myself using them on a regular basis.

Thank you Puma, for the opportunity to try out the Puma Ignites.

The Puma Ignites are available in Singapore and come in both Men’s and Women’s styles. They are retailing for SGDS179.

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