PUMA Launches IGNITE to Much Fanfare at Times Square, New York City

Yesterday, the PUMA IGNITE – a running shoe that provides maximum energy return – was launched in New York City, to plenty of fanfare.

Credit: PUMA.

Usain Bolt (in yellow) launches Puma IGNITE, to plenty of fanfare and watching crowds. Credit: PUMA.

Usain Bolt makes a grand entrance at Times Square, New York City

During the day, runners pounded away on treadmills in Times Square, with the energy generated from their IGNITE shoes being collected and stored. Then once the threshold reached 100 per cent, the World’s Fastest Man – Usain Bolt – rose up amidst a captivating display of light, smoke and fire, wearing Puma’s latest running shoe, the PUMA IGNITE.

This wasn’t the first time that Bolt has made a grand entrance to New York City. He broke the 100m World Record in 2008 and through this, he embarked on a hugely successful track and field career that has seen him clinch five world records and 14 Major Championship Gold Medals.

Said Bolt, “I’ve always enjoyed a good entrance and this one was epic. People were running for hours on end in really cold weather. We were watching the energy meter rise and when it hit the top, it’s fair to say that there were fireworks.”

Usain Bolt decked out in the latest Puma apparel, including the IGNITE shoes. Credit: PUMA.

Usain Bolt decked out in the latest Puma apparel, including the IGNITE shoes. Credit: PUMA.

A performance running shoe that provides maximum energy return

A performance running shoe featuring innovative foam technology that maximises energy return to keep you running longer, IGNITE has been designed for many different types of runners – not just sprinters – and is Puma’s most responsive running shoe to date.

Powering each and every stride is IGNITE foam, a proprietary foam that provides responsive cushioning, optimal rebound and comfort. Within the two heels of the shoe is ForEverFoam, a compound completely new to the running market, but is commonly used in the automotive industry and creates long-lasting durability.

Says Puma Footwear Designer, Jacob Garcia, “IGNITE is designed for energy return, comfort and durability. When you put the shoe on, you can immediately feel the difference from the spring and comfort the foam gives you. It is meant for a wide range of runners. It can be used for the everyday run or a longer session. It will still retain its cushioning and responsiveness during longer runs too.”

A challenge to design running shoes for a sprinter

However, in terms of the design process though, Garcia admits that it was a challenge to get a sprinter like Bolt into a running shoe. “He does the majority of his training in his track spikes doing short sprints and coming out of the blocks. It’s important to get him into a shoe that he’ll actually enjoy warming up in and we’re confident that we’ve done that,” Garcia explained.

According to Bolt, the PUMA IGNITE shoes are definitely what he is looking for, in a pair of shoes. He said, “When you put it on your feet, you’ll understand. IGNITE is the most comfortable shoe I’ve run in. I put a lot of wear into my shoes so it’s important they’re durable but still comfortable.”

“IGNITE is a great running shoe, along with Puma Spikes. I spend a lot of time training in this shoe as well as it really helps to sustain my energy levels. I love IGNITE for that,” Bolt added.

Puma's new Ignite shoes. Credit: PUMA.

Puma’s new Ignite shoes. Credit: PUMA.

Puma IGNITE will be in Singapore from March 12

Puma IGNITE will be in Singapore from March 12, 2015. In subsequent seasons, additional styles will slowly be added and the IGNITE line will be expanded further throughout Puma’s Running and Training shoe categories.

Said Karin Baust, Running Training Business Unit General Manager at Puma, “We’re proud to bring IGNITE to the market. This shoe has been a long time in the making. We’ve been working on the foam innovation and tooling for a number of years and we’re confident this is going to have a big impact on a wide range of runners around the world.”

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