Calling All Runners to IGNITE Singapore with Puma

Click here to find out how the PUMA IGNITE event went at the Singapore Flyer last Thursday.

Runners, how would you like to work together to ignite Singapore – and light up the Singapore Flyer?

All you need to do is to head down to the Singapore Flyer on the evening of 12 March – and run on the treadmills there. The energy generated from your run will be stored. When the energy level collected from all of the runners reach the threshold of 100 per cent, the harnessed energy will be unleashed to ignite the entire Singapore Flyer.


Wear the Puma Ignite shoe and light-up the Singapore Flyer. Photo credit:

You will get to run alongside celebrities such as Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang, Dawn Yeoh, Allen Chen and Charles Lee – and be one of the first people in Singapore, to experience the brand new Puma IGNITE.

Dressing up in running attire is welcome, but isn’t compulsory – because there’ll be Puma IGNITEs on site for runners to have a taste of Puma’s latest revolutionary running shoes at this launch event.

Puma IGNITE designed to provide maximum energy returns when running

The latest and most revolutionary Puma running shoe, the Puma IGNITE has been designed to provide maximum energy returns when you run – thus, making you feel lighter than usual when you are pounding the pavements. At the launch event, you will be able to find out more information about the technology behind the Puma IGNITE shoe, and get a complimentary ride on the Singapore Flyer at the same time.

Kickstarts the #IGNITEsg campaign

This Singapore event kickstarts the #IGNITEsg campaign, which is part of Puma’s IGNITE YOUR CITY global campaign. #IGNITEsg will also see Singaporean personalities commit to running for 21 consecutive days and sharing their stories on social media – thus igniting the masses in Singapore and convincing them to run.

Runners in Singapore are also invited to take part in the 21 Days Challenge, where they are encouraged to chronicle their runs on Instagram with the hashtag #IGNITEsg. Out of the runners who take up this challenge, three lucky winners will be chosen, based on their post originality and creativity – to walk away with $200 worth of Puma vouchers.

More details of the #IGNITEsg campaign will be provided after the Singapore launch of Puma IGNITE.

Details of the Puma IGNITE launch event

The details of the launch are:

Date: Thursday, 12 March 2015

Time: 7pm onwards

Location: Greek Theatre, Singapore Flyer

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