Trying Out Puma’s Cooling and Comfortable PWRcool Apparel & Shoes

Recently I got the chance to try out Puma’s new PWRcool apparel & shoes. Incorporating special cooling properties, the PWRcool technology is supposed to help to cool your body down and keep it dry when you are perspiring – during and after exercising. This is especially timely now because Singapore’s weather is getting hotter than ever.

Some of the items from Puma's new PWRCOOL range.

Some of the items from Puma’s new PWRCOOL range.

How the cooling effect is possible

For tee shirts and shorts/tights, the cooling effect is made possible with the coolCELL technology which wicks sweat away from the skin and has ventilation – to regulate your superior temperature.

In the footwear range, there are two different models available that have the PWRcool technology. These are the IGNITE and the FAAS v4 500 shoes. What is used to produce the cooling effect, is actually the presence of the ComfortTemp tongue liner – used to regulate your body temperature.

FAAS 500 PWRCOOL shoes.

FAAS v4 500 PWRCOOL shoes.

Said Karin Baust, General Manager, Running and Training at PUMA, “We have designed PWRCOOL while always keeping the comfort of the athlete in mind. PWRCOOL helps keep athletes comfortable in hot weather conditions to enable them to maximise their workouts.”

The technology in effect

Just completed a run in Puma's PWRCOOL.

Just completed a run in Puma’s PWRCOOL.

My first try of the PWRcool tee shirts and shoes, was done on a short late afternoon/evening run of about 4.5km around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. As the sun had not quite set yet, the weather that day was still slightly hot and humid.

My other runs wearing the PWRcool apparel and footwear, have been on a couple of morning 10km workouts.

During and after my runs, I could definitely feel the effects of the tee shirt wicking the moisture away from my skin – the cooling effect of the Puma apparel was quite apparent. Usually my body would be perspiring a lot after a run in Singapore’s high heat and humidity, but with the PWRcool tee shirt on, I did notice there was a difference. I was a bit drier and cooler, during and after my runs.

At the same time, my feet were also feeling cooler due to the PWRcool technology in my shoes. To a small extent, it seemed as though there was a mini air conditioning unit working inside the shoes – upon the completion of my run.

In slightly wet weather, the PWRcool technology also does help to prevent the body itself from feeling as wet. One of my runs wearing the Puma PWRcool apparel and shoes, had taken place when it was drizzling. But my body felt drier, yet at the same time, it seemed cooler than usual – because of the effects of the PWRcool. So it gave me the impression that I was running in a cooler climate, rather than in humid Singapore.

Overall comments

The Puma PWRcool technology is useful to keep the body dry and cool while exercising in hot and humid weather.

A Puma-sponsored Olympic medalist, Hansle Parchment, from Jamaica, agreed. She said, “Living and training in Jamaica is a wonderful thing, but the heat is challenging and at times pretty exhausting. PWRCOOL is a great technology to help counter that; it works well in both the shoes and training wear. I like it, the IGNITE PWRCOOL shoe is particularly cool.”

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