PWRCOOL: New Puma Technology To Keep Body Temperature At Bay

The PUMA PWRCOOL is a cooling technology that’s designed to keep the body at an optimal temperature in order to preserve energy. This technology has been incorporated into an entire range of Puma’s thermo-regulated apparel and footwear.

Usain Bolt likes Puma's new PWRcool technology. Credit: Puma.

Usain Bolt likes Puma’s new PWRcool technology.
Credit: Puma.

Revolutionary technology to regulate temperature of the body

PWRCOOL footwear products comprise of a ComfortTemp tongue liner to regulate your body temperature. The apparel is complete with the PWRCOOL cooling print on the inside that will activate using the body’s moisture. This means that when you sweat, it cools you down. The PWRCOOL collection is designed with CoolCELL – this is a highly functional material that removes sweat away from the skin while placing air flow features offer superior temperature regulation. CoolCELL keeps the body cool and dry when you are exercising.

Said Karin Baust, GM, Running and Training at PUMA, “We have designed PWRCOOL while always keeping the comfort of the athlete in mind. PWRCOOL helps keep athletes comfortable in hot weather conditions to enable them to maximize their workouts.”



The IGNITE PWRCOOL puts together the superior cushioning of IGNITE FOAM and the cooling technology of PWRCOOL. This will provide step-in comfort and promote long lasting performance. IGNITE FOAM is a superior cushioning material that disperses impact and providing optimal responsiveness at the same time. The World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt trains in IGNITE PWRCOOL because it regulates his body temperature when he trains.


The FAAS 500 v4 PWRCOOL is created for the everyday runner – and comprises of new tooling for more lightweight cushioning. The ComfortTemp tongue liner also regulates the body temperature to improve performance.


PWRCOOL Graphic SS Tee

The PWRCOOL Graphic SS Tee comprises of the visible PWRCOOL cooling print that activates with moisture to give you an instant cooling effect. The coolCELL technology also wicks sweat away from the skin and has ventilation – to give you superior temperature regulations.

Women’s PWRCOOL 3?4 Tight

The Women’s PWRCOOL 3?4 Tight comes with PWRCOOL all over cooling print. This activates with moisture to cool and reduce your body temperature. The highly functional CoolCELL material wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin to help control the temperature of your body.

Men’s PWRCOOL 2 in 1 Short

The Men’s PWRCOOL 2 in 1 Short has a built in compressive tight tucked inside the shorts – this features the PWRCOOL all over cooling print and will help to regulate body temperature when it’s hot.

PUMA PWRCOOL products will be sold in stores beginning 28 May. They will be found at selected running specialty stores and PUMA retail stores. 

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