Home Team NS’s Real Run 2015: A Challenging Run For Many

This morning, the Home Team NS’s Real Run 2015 took place. Comprising of two adult categories – 5km and 10km, as well as a Kids Beach Dash category, this is a challenging and popular multi-terrain run that takes place on a combination of road, trail, asphalt and sand.

Runners at the starting line of Real Run 2015. Credit: Go50 - A Nation in Motion

Runners at the starting line of Real Run 2015.
Credit: Go50 – A Nation in Motion

The aim of the race is to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst National Servicemen and the public. The run, which took place at Sentosa’s popular Siloso Beach this morning, has increased in popularity over the past two decades.

Runners enjoyed themselves at the race

Many runners definitely enjoyed themselves at the event and thought that it was a great, but challenging experience – mainly due to the multiple terrains featured in this particular race.

Andrew Peck, 68, and working in security management, took part in the 5km category. He said, “I thought the race was well organised and it was great fun. I didn’t do any training for it, but I managed to complete my run in 39 minutes, which wasn’t a bad effort for my age!”

Tired runners walking back after the race.

Tired runners walking back after their race.

The sandy terrain was challenging 

“It was a bit hard running on the sand though, but to save my energy, I walked on it and also walked uphill and ran downhill,” added Peck.

For Michel Thomas, 21, an Axillary Police Officer at Cisco, the sand also posed a huge challenge to him. Said Thomas, who took part in the 10km category, “It made the race really tough. The beach comprised of quite a long portion of the race and what’s more, the sand was also quite slippery. As a result, I injured my knee, but fortunately I still managed to complete the race.”

Anthony Vai, 32, a project manager at the Singapore Tourism Board, also agreed that running through the sand was difficult, although he had been prepared for the various terrain types.

Said Vai, who ran in the 5km category, “This is the Real Run, so it is supposed to take you through different terrains after all. Though the sand was challenging, I still enjoyed the run in general. My favourite part of the run was the pavement portion though – as I thought that was the easiest terrain to run on. The sand was very soft and my feet were sinking down into it, making it quite hard to run.”

Runners enjoy food and drinks at the end point.

Runners enjoy food and drinks at the end point.

The race was definitely one to remember

While fellow runner Randall Saludo, 15, a student on summer vacation from the Philippines, agreed that running on the sand was tough, he thought the race experience was definitely one to remember.

Singapore Blade Runner poses for camera after completing the Real Run 2015.

Singapore Blade Runner poses for camera after completing the Real Run 2015.

Added Saludo, who ran in the 10km category, “Though the run was hard, it was also fun because runners were smiling and you could really feel the energy. Everyone was just so happy. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There were also people at the sides motivating us to keep on going and that helped me to push on and complete the race.”

Barry Jones, 42, who works in a textile company, was another runner who really enjoyed the race experience – even though he admitted that the sand portion too, was tough, due to a lack of training on sand.

Said Jones, who ran in the 10km category, “In all honesty, I didn’t know that I was going to run on the beach, so it came as a surprise to me. I did most of my training on roads. But apart from that, it was a good run. The enthusiasm by the volunteers to cheer on the runners was wonderful and the hydration support was great – I didn’t need so much water, actually!”

Added the runner, “The race also wasn’t too crowded, though there was a big rush to start running at the beginning when the starting horn blew. But that is part of the fun I guess, and the main reason why people do races – there is a communal aspect to it, and at the same time, camaraderie and competition. Overall it was a fantastic experience and this was a nice, unique course for 10km too.

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