Review: ASICS FuzeX Running Shoes

Marketed as being able to create a revolution in running footwear, the newly released Asics FuzeX shoes – featuring the revolutionary FuzeGEL technology – aims to provide runners with the perfect balance of versatility and design.

Thanks ASICS for the review unit of the FuzeX shoes.

The Women’s version of the new ASICS FuzeX shoes.

Said Gerard Klein, Asics Global Footwear Product and Merchandising Division Senior General Manager, “We recognise that runners today are looking for versatility, comfort and design in their footwear and apparel. By bringing together cutting edge technology with minimalist design, Asics hopes that FuzeX will make running even more accessible and enjoyable.”

I was recently given a review unit of the Asics FuzeX shoes. Here are my comments on them.

Colours look stylish yet simple

The women’s flagship version of the Asics FuzeX shoes are a Titanium/Azelea/Black colour combination.

When I first set my eyes on these shoes, my first impression was that it looked stylish, yet simple, at the same time. This classic colour combination also made it easy to pair with other clothing too, as such colours are able to match relatively well with most other wardrobe items.

The women's shoe looks stylish and simple. [Photo courtesy of ASICS].

The women’s shoe looks stylish yet simple.
[Photo courtesy of ASICS].

The shoes are advertised as being lightweight too – they are 294 grams.

Revolutionary FuzeGEL Technology at work

Asics FuzeX shoes are made using the FuzeGEL Technology, a unique composition of regular midsole material and GEL to promote a smooth a comfortable gait – the unique selling point of these new FuzeX shoes. Developed by the Asics Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, Japan, this is supposed to work by absorbing the shock upon impact and propelling runners forward on repulsion.

Regardless of your landing stride, the amount of cushioning in the shoes is supposed to feel exactly the same – this is because the amount of FuzeGEL is meant to be consistent throughout the entire shoe rather than just being concentrated in a certain part.

When I first put on the FuzeX shoes and began running, I could already feel the FuzeGEL technology at work – I had thought that the shoes felt pretty springy and seemed to have ample cushioning. And when I started running with them, I could definitely feel this cushioning at work. As such, I didn’t really feel much aches and pains on my upper legs and knees as I was running – usually these are the areas that tend to get achy and cramped up after my runs.

The shoes are springy for running. [Photo courtesy of ASICS].

The shoes are springy for running.
[Photo courtesy of ASICS].

However, I must point out that despite the comfortable cushioning though, these shoes may be more suitable for those with more narrow feet – due to the narrower width of the toe box.

I must also mention that during the first few times I wore them, the upper of the shoes also felt a little stiff and a bit constricting. But based on past experiences with other shoes, I think that they should soften over time, and just need to have a breaking-in period.

Overall comments

Personally I can see myself using the Asics FuzeX more often for speed work sessions, as well as for mid-distance runs of about 5km to 10km.

Though Asics says that these shoes are suitable to “run long, short and anywhere in between”, based on my personal experiences I had somehow felt that the cushioning seem to be more responsive and springy when doing short, sharp bursts of speed – rather than for going the distance and running for long periods of time, such as in marathons.

Where to buy the shoes

The FuzeX shoes retail for SGD179.00 and can now be bought at ASICS mono brand stores and selected sporting goods stores in Singapore. The colours available are ASICS Blue/Indigo Gold/Hot Orange for men and Titanium/Azalea/Black for women.

The men's version of the ASICS FuzeX shoe is a different colour. [Photo courtesy of ASICS].

The men’s version of the ASICS FuzeX shoe was a different colour combination.
[Photo courtesy of ASICS].

Additional colours will be made available though, from March 2016 onwards.

Win a Trip to Seoul with Asics

With the Asics FuzeX shoes you can stand to win a trip to Seoul.

All you need to do is to capture a photograph of yourself getting fit in your favourite running spot and state where the FuzeX shoes will take you using the Instagram hashtag #fuzeXplore for a chance to win the grand prize – a trip to Seoul to run the 7km Asics Cool Run.

Thank you ASICS for the FuzeX review unit.

Thank you ASICS for the FuzeX review unit.

Here is how you can take part.

  • Follow @ASICSSG on Instagram
  • Take and upload a photo of yourself getting fit together with the caption, “ASICS FuzeX shoes will take me to… (your ideal running destination and why).
  • Hashtag #fuzeXplore and #ASICSSG

For the contest terms and conditions as well as to find out more about Asics FuzeX shoes, check out 

Thank you Asics, for the review unit of the Asics FuzeX running shoes.

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