Review: ASICS GEL-Quantum Knit 360 Running Sneakers

Constructed with 360 degrees of ASICS’ revolutionary GEL® cushioning technology that is targeted at providing runners with a soft landing regardless of the surface, the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 is advertised as being ASICS’ most technologically advanced sneaker to date.

This is ASICS’ most technologically advanced sneaker to date.

A neutral cushioning shoe to maximise comfort and performance

The aims of the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 sneakers, a neutral cushioning shoe, are to maximise comfort and optimise performance by providing natural movement throughout the gait cycle, and support the entire foot at the same time.

I recently received a pair of the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 from ASICS and here are my thoughts and comments on these sneakers.

Red colour is cool looking

I love the red colour for the women’s model.

The first thing that I must say is that the red colour for the women’s model is very bright and cool looking; in fact, this had been one of the things that had caught my attention when I first set my eyes on the shoes.

Mid-foot area is a bit narrow

I must point out too, that the mid-foot area may be a tad on the narrow side, so if you are wide-footed, then it may be better to choose half a size bigger – if you are getting a pair of these shoes. But otherwise, I would say that they do fit quite true to size.

Not the lightest running shoe out there

At about 369 grams though, I must say that the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 is also not exactly the lightest running shoe out there. So they may not be suitable for doing fast racing.

This is not the lightest running shoe out there, I must admit.

Comfortable enough for short runs

That said though, these running sneakers are comfortable enough for doing short, slow runs of about 5km to 10km. At the same time, I’ve also used them to walk around and do some errands in, just to see how the shoes stacked up. They were rather comfortable and haven’t really given my feet any problems.

I have brought these shoes out on a few running sessions, with the longest run being about 11km. It may not be advisable to take these out on much longer runs than that, as the heavier weight of the shoes may drag down the legs to some degree – in fact ASICS had also mentioned to me, that these are not a shoe for doing long distance running with.

Smooth ground contact and protects the legs from impact

With the design of the sneakers emphasising on cushioning and comfort, I found that the full length GEL® midsole provides smooth ground contact at all times during each run, at the same time without feeling too springy.

The cushioning did well in terms of helping to protect the legs and feet from absorbing the impact of the hard pavement during runs. In fact when initially trying these shoes out on a treadmill at the ASICS store, I could already feel some of the cushioning at work; so I think that the amount of GEL® cushioning used in the shoes is just right.

The cushioning provides smooth ground contact at all times, when I am running.

I must also add that when I first brought these shoes out for a 10km run, they had felt a little stiff and tight on my feet at the beginning, but during subsequent runs, my feet seem to be wearing into them, and they have since felt more comfortable. So try out these shoes on a few short trial runs first – in order to wear them in.

As well I would like to mention that I have a couple of corns on one of my feet which have been around for some time. At first when I wasn’t wearing corn pads, I could feel the corns hurting on that foot as I continued running in the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 shoes, but subsequently after using corn pads, this seemed have to significantly helped with the problem. There had been no pain on the other foot though.

Keeps the feet dry

The knitted upper fabric material also surprisingly helps to keep the feet dry during my runs and walks, and at the same time the inner fabric does not rub against the socks or the skin, thus reducing your chances of sustaining blisters.

This knitted upper material, according to ASICS, comprises of a multi-directional stretch mesh that provides a sock-like fit to keep the feet feeling snug.

There had also been also one occasion when I took the shoes out for a run and it had been drizzling. While the shoes themselves may have have been slightly damp, my feet still felt dry at the end of my run, despite having stepped into a couple of puddles along the way. At the same time the feet are also able to breathe easily whilst wearing the shoe, which is especially good when running in Singapore’s tropical climate. Thus you need not worry about being caught in a drizzle with these shoes on.

A shoe that will suit casual runners who want to keep fit

The shoes have a recommended retail price of 289SGD.

Overall I would say that the GEL-Quantum Knit 360 is a shoe that will suit casual runners, who basically want to do running and walking purely to keep fit. I would continue to wear these on some of my shorter training runs, or – as the colour is quite attractive after all – take them out to races where I am out to have fun rather than targeting a personal best timing.

Cost and where to get the shoes

The GEL-Quantum Knit 360 shoes have a retail price of 289SGD and they are available at ASICS stores in Singapore.

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