Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Sports Earphones

Described by Plantronics as a flexible and durable distraction-free pair of wireless sports earphones that help you to concentrate on your workout, the BackBeat FIT is also advertised as providing superior stability with its behind-the-ear design and comfortable open ear tip that allows you to listen to your favourite songs while still staying aware of the environment at the same time.

The BackBeat FIT comes in five different colours – blue, light grey, green, pink and black. My unit was the light grey one with some black trimmings, which I had thought is a pretty neutral colour that can match with most types of sports clothing without looking out of place.

The BackBeat FIT is a flexible and durable pair of earphones.

Easy to sync to your phone

I found that the earphones are quite easy to sync to my iPhone 7 Plus’s BlueTooth connection; though I had to read the instructions carefully to figure out which button to press to turn it on and make the initial sync, as it is not clearly marked on the earphones, but the connection itself occurred easily, within seconds.

Charging the earphones

Charging the earphones also requires reading the instructions carefully and also perhaps a little bit of detective work is needed, as the plug hole where the charging cable fits into the earphones is a little hidden. But once plugged in though, the earphones charge quite seamlessly.

The BackBeat FIT comes with a 15-minute quick charge function that provides up to an hour of music – so this would be good for people who always forget to charge their electronic devices.

Wearing the earphones

It took me a few tries to get the earphones to fit nicely.

Fitting the BackBeat FIT into my ears the first time, was a bit tricky. It required some fumbling, especially if you are not used to having earphones with parts that need to be put both over the head and into the ears. In fact it took a few tries for me to successfully get the BackBeat FIT to snugly go into my ears the first time around.

Running with the BackBeat FIT

Trying out the BackBeat FIT to run with, I noticed that the earphones don’t fall out at all while running. They stay quite snugly inside the ears. This is a great thing, as you don’t have to keep worrying about having to continuously put back your earphones just so that you can continue to listen to your favourite songs.

Added my dad, “The ear buds fit neatly onto the ears.”

At the beginning of each run, however, I did feel the cable at the back of my head bouncing up and down a little but this feeling soon disappeared after running for about a kilometre or so. After running for some time with the earphones in my ears, I also noted that they did feel a little bit on the tight side and maybe slightly constricting too. And when I took the earphones off after my run, my ears were feeling slightly warmer and sweatier than usual.

You can use the BackBeat FIT in all types of situations. (Photo courtesy of Plantronics)

I felt that the BackBeat FIT felt a tad heavy around my head and had somewhat seemed to weigh me down a little. I’m  not sure how this feeling would go in terms of really long runs though, such as a marathon race, as the longest run that I took them out for, had only lasted about an hour.

Sound Quality

Regarding the sound quality though, it is decent enough for a pair of wireless earphones. The sound is very clear and distinctive and I can hear my music quite clearly when I am running outdoors.

This is despite the open ear tip design that allows you to be aware of your surroundings while being plugged in. So I think that Plantronics has struck quite a good balance here, between the sound quality and being aware of your environment when engaging in outdoor sports.

But that said, I also thought the earphones made my songs sound a little on the flat side, too, as the bass and treble were not so pronounced.

Added my dad, “The sound was fairly good. It would sound better though, if the bass and treble can be separately adjusted.”

Water Proof 

The FIT is also water proof though, and has a sweat-proof nano coating, which means that you can use them on a rainy day without any problems. I haven’t tried running in the rain yet with them, though.

Battery Life

I haven’t tested out how long the battery life is yet, but according to Plantronics, it is supposed to last eight hours. This would be more than enough battery life to complete a marathon and still have your music throughout the whole way.

The battery life lasts eight hours.

At the same time, there are also subtle voice alerts that can tell you how much listening time you have, and the earphones will warn you whether the battery is low. This is good, as it can remind you to charge your earphones before you go for your next workout.

Where to get the earphones

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT earphones can be bought at selected resellers across Singapore and they have a recommended retail price of SGD $219.

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