Run, Dance and Party Non-Stop with the Music Run by AIA

Come 23 April, you can run, dance and party non-stop at the MUSIC RUN by AIA.

An immersive 5km run that places music right at the very heart of the action, the 2016 event will be taking place from at 3.30pm on 23 April 2016 at Palawan Green, Sentosa Island. And according to the organisers, this year’s Singapore edition of the event is promised to be more heart-thumping than ever before.

Have a rocking good time with the MUSIC RUN by AIA. [Photo by RunSociety].

Have a rocking good time with the MUSIC RUN by AIA.
[Photo by RunSociety].

The ultimate 5km running festival

Explained Ben Pember, Executive Director of Exceed Sports & Entertainment, the organisers of the event, “This is the ultimate 5km running festival. We match the best elements of a running event together with a music event to create something unique that everyone will surely love. So in that way, we are injecting fun into the sport of running.”

He continued, “Music and running are a natural fit so it is only logical to bring them together. In fact people have been running with music as long we we can remember. But it’s usually an individual experience as you are cut off with your music. But at the Music Run, the music is a social experience that you can enjoy together with your friends.”

I was invited to the 2016 launch event of the MUSIC RUN by AIA last evening.

I was invited to the 2016 launch event of the MUSIC RUN by AIA last evening.

Pember had explained this to the members of the media during a press conference and launch party of the 2016 Music Run by AIA – which had taken place at the W Hotel, Sentosa Cove, last evening.

Music Run’s formula is a global success

Beginning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014, the Music Run has since expanded throughout Asia, as well as to Europe and the United States. In fact this year, the Music Run is slated to hit 40 cities in 18 countries and attract over 35,000 runners globally. So the run’s formula has indeed been a success.

Explained Pember, “The reason for its massive success is its winning formula that combines music with the ever-growing running and fitness craze – to create the ultimate running and music festival.”

Five different music zones for runners to experience

At the Music Run, the participants can look forward to five vastly different music zones.

The MUSIC RUN will comprise of 5 different music zones.

The MUSIC RUN will comprise of 5 different music zones.

The first stop will be the AIA Rock Zone which will be filled with fun photo moments with Harley Davison bikers.

Said Joanna Ong-Ash, Head of Brand & Corporate Communications at the run’s title sponsors AIA, “Usually, Sentosa does not allow motorbikes inside, so the Harley Davidson bikes coming in for the Rock Zone will be a first – and thus, something that you can really look forward to.”

Runners can expect to be amazed at the next music zone – by a psychedelic Candyland theme at the Pop zone, which will comprise of giant candy pops and bubble machines. This will be followed by the Old School Zone whereby runners can pose with pop star lookalikes and dopplegangers of old school bands and singers. They will then have the chance to unleash their creativity on the Graffiti Wall at the AIA Hip Hop Zone.

Said Ong-Ash, “At the hip hop zone, we will recreate a fleet street so that you can dance with the street dancers. There are also going to be plenty of photography moments.”

Finally, the participants will then have the chance to dance to the beat and thus, concluding their run at the same time – at the W Dance Zone.

More than 120 speakers will pump out 150,000 watts of music

Organisers and sponsors of the MUSIC RUN at the press launch.

Organisers and sponsors of the MUSIC RUN at the press launch.

To also add to the music elements of the event throughout the entire route, more than 120 speakers will pump out over 150,000 watts of music and this will be lining the running course on event day and will be known as ‘The Sound Track.’

Said Pember, “We hope that this will create a fun and engaging experience for everyone. To further hype up the atmosphere, there will also be themed activations in every zone.”

And regarding the actual songs that will blast out at the Music Run, registered participate have the opportunity to choose these – by voting online for their favourite hits using a bespoke music selection app created together with the run’s digital music partner, Spotify. The songs with the most votes will then make the official soundtrack of the run.

Will Be Live DJ set and some old-school carnival fun at the Music Village

Once the run is over, runners can then congregate with their friends at the Music Village where they can then dance to a live DJ set through wireless headphones at the Silent Disco, as well as enjoy some old-school carnival fun with a jump and slide combination.

Also at the Music Village, runners can look forward to tasting some specially themed mocktails – which have been colour coordinated to represent the five music zones at the Music Run.

On event day there will be colourful mocktails to represent the 5 music zones.

On event day there will be colourful mocktails to represent the 5 music zones.

At the launch event, member of the media had a chance to sample some of these  intriguing mocktails and though sweet, they were pretty interesting, with tasty fruity flavours such as mango, pineapple, cranberry and guava. I thought the guava one had been quite refreshing, with a slightly minty flavour to it.

The ultimate music festival awaits runners

Later on during the evening of the Music Run, runners can then look forward to the ultimate music festival, featuring local and international acts such as The Sam Willows and rising Australian DJ, Sam Withers who will share the stage together with other renowned DJs such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Chuckie.

Added Stephanie Fabregoul, Managing Director of W Singapore, the Official After-Party Venue of the Music Run Singapore, “And the party does not end at the Music Run. The after-party will then take place at 9.30pm at the Woo Bar at W Singapore, Sentosa Cove, for runners who are still in the mood to party on.”

The Ultimate Music Festival awaits the runners after their Music Run. [Photo by]

The Ultimate Music Festival will await the runners after their Music Run.
[Photo by]

Register for the Music Run

Registration for the 2016 Singapore edition of the Music Run are currently open and regular prices start at SGD50 for the Standard Package and SGD75 for the Rock Star Package. The entry fees are inclusive of free entry into Sentosa via tram, taxi and on foot.

Registration ends on the 17th of April. Runners will be entitled to a race pack which includes a tee-shirt, bag, beat band, sticker and a tattoo. At the finish line, all runners will also receive an exclusive medal.

The race pack collection for the event will take place between 15 and 17 April at The Cathay.

For more details, to vote for your favourite songs or to register for the Music Run, head on to the event website at

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