Run for Free

A new running race, Run Free, aims to break the perception that running comes with a cost.


To give every runner the chance to run at zero cost

This is because this race, conceptualised by X Change Republic, adopts the no frills concept and gives every runner the chance to take part in either the 5km or the 10km race – at zero cost.

When the race takes place

The race takes place on 6 May 2017 at Gardens by the bay East and it flags off at 7am in the morning.

Route Maps

Here are the 10km and the 5km running route maps released for your reference.



Purchase of race memorabilia at additional cost

However if you wish to receive race memorabilia though, then you can then purchase these at an additional cost depending on what you want. According to the organisers this gives every runner the chance to ensure that every dollar they spend on the race, is spent wisely.

Basic merchandise for sale includes running tees and singlets, race medal, bib with timing, bag deposit service and drawstring bag.

Premium merchandise includes the chance to purchase different colours of event tees as well as a race cap.


So this means that if for example, you only want the finisher medal but not the race tee or drawstring bag, then you can just purchase this and nothing else.

Of course though, the more you buy, the costs will slowly accumulate.

How does the registration mechanics work?

When you go to the Run Free event website to register, you will be promoted to purchase any add-ons of your choice to enhance your race experience.

This will then ensure that the race will cater to runners of all walks of life, from those who purely want to run and nothing more, to those who are medal collectors or race tee collectors.

For more information, click here.

All images courtesy of Run Free.

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