Run to the Moon… when you sign up for Pocari Sweat Run Singapore 2016

This year, runners taking part in the fifth edition of the Pocari Sweat Run in Singapore can “Run to the Moon.”

Returning on 23 July this year at 5.00pm, Pocari Sweat Singapore runners will combine to complete the final leg of Pocari Sweat’s journey to the moon, at The Float @ Marina Bay.

Run to the Moon with Pocari Sweat Run 2016.

Run to the Moon with Pocari Sweat Run 2016.

The reason behind the ‘Run to the Moon’ theme

The reason behind the “Run to the Moon” theme of the 2016 race is as follows. Developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan, Pocari Sweat isotonic drink is the closest composition to BodyWater, that is, the natural human body fluid, compared to other isotonic drinks.

And based on the idea of creating new products for better health, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is launching a Pocari Sweat capsule to the Moon, in support of mankind’s continuous exploration into the unknown – since the birth of the isotonic drink company in 1980. This product is entitled Lunar Dream Capsule Project.

Pocari Sweat, according to the company, are essential for survival and maintaining body functions for astronauts, as they struggle to maintain their health in space, due to the lack of proper hydration. Being closest to BodyWater, Pocari Sweat isotonic drinks help with this.

In the past four years that the Pocari Sweat Run has been staged in Singapore, runners have cumulatively completed 300,000km. This is more than 75 per cent of the distance from the Earth to the Moon. In 2016, there is 80,000km left to go – and as each step by a participant contributes to the journey to the Moon. Pocari Sweat aims to complete this journey to the Moon in the 2016 edition of the race.

Holding activities to prepare runners 

And to prepare runners to run to the Moon, Pocari Sweat Singapore will be holding activities, similar to the Lunar Landing Programmes that astronauts have to undergo to travel to the Moon.

These include astronaut recruitment centres at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets involving hydration examinations and space run simulations to heighten the anticipation for the race. There will also be “Space Training” running Programmes  – to gear up the “astronauts” towards their mission.

Taking place in early to mid May, these “Space Training” programmes take the form of a variety of sessions such as Basic Training Runs, Hill Repeats and Endurance Runs and will allow runners to interact with members of ASICS Running Club, who will be the official pacers on race day.

Pocari Sweat Run this year promises a lot of moon-themed activities. [Photo by]

Pocari Sweat Run this year promises a lot of moon-themed activities.
[Photo by]

Special guests will also be invited to these clinics – to share their experiences about running and health, in order to motivate and teach the runners about the essentials of running.

These clinics, in all, hope to help runners achieve their personal bests for the upcoming Pocari Sweat Run.

At the run itself, there will also be some themed elements such as appearance of a space expert and “space-refuelling stations”, to allow runners to hydrate themselves to achieve their peak performance. These will give runners a feel of their journey from the Earth to the Moon, which is similar to a lunar expedition.

How to Sign up for the Pocari Sweat Run

To Run to the Moon with Pocari Sweat Singapore, sign up for the Pocari Sweat Run at

The Pocari Sweat Run comprises of two categories – 5km and 10km competitive runs. The rates are as follows.

[See Table].



Early Bird promotion rates are available till 30 April 2016. Registration closes on 1 JULY 2016 or once all running slots have been completely sold out.

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