Fun Facts about Running You May Not Know

Here are some interesting facts about running, that you may not have previously known.



1. Running and Calories

Running burns 50 per cent more calories compared to walking, and yes, that includes brisk walking too. So next time you are feeling lazy and prefer to go out for a casual stroll, remember this – and convince yourself to go out for a run instead!

2. The Colour Red



If you have your sights set on winning a race, you should consider wearing red.

That’s because sportspeople who wear red are more likely to win, compared to sportspeople who choose other colours. And yes, this definitely applies to running too.

So it is perhaps no wonder that English football clubs Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United all have a red home jersey! And maybe Formula One’s Team Ferrari picked red, for the exact same reason!

3. Fat Storage

By relying solely on his or her stores of fat and nothing more, a typical person should have enough stored energy to run non-stop, at a pace of 24km per hour, for three days straight! (Source:

So considering that most recreational runners usually run at a pace of 10km per hour, maybe this means that we humans are capable of so much more than we have been doing!

4. Alzheimer’s Disease

If you are running regularly, good news. You are at a 60 per cent lower chance of sustaining Alzheimer’s Disease – compared to a sedentary person who does not do any exercise at all.

But if you haven’t gotten down to your exercise routine yet, it’s not too late yet. You can still begin to embark on one right now – and nip Alzheimer’s Disease in the bud, before it inflicts you!

5. Music and Running



If you are the type of runner who turns to the outside environment, such as the scenery, to seek stimulus, then music will definitely improve your running performance and stamina by 15 per cent.

However, if you are more of a solitary person who loses yourself into your own thoughts and feelings when running, then sorry, music isn’t really going to help you at all when you run.

Perhaps that’s why some people can run so well on a treadmill but others find this type of running, boring!

6. Bananas and Running

It is no surprise why most races around the world give runners bananas – because these fruits are indeed the type of food that most runners turn to when they are hungry and need an extra burst of energy – apart from taking those sugary and processed energy gels.

7. Running Shoes

Would you believe that each year, more than one billion running shoes are sold, around the world? Well, with more and more people picking up running and the sport slowly growing in popularity everywhere, I suppose this revelation is not that surprising, after all.

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  • Harold says:

    I’ve read this article once that you should eat 30 bananas a day to prepare for a marathon. That’s about one banana plus one bit from another every hour for 24 hours (if you’re awake that long). You can do the math for 18 hour period. I attempted it but could only do two bananas after meal. My taste buds refused taking in more! 🙂

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