Tips on How to be Smart When Running in the Rain

It's quite hard and impractical to carry an umbrella to run, so you'll need other strategies to run in the rain.

It’s quite hard and impractical to carry an umbrella to run, so you’ll need other strategies to run in the rain.

If you are waiting for the perfect day to go out for a run, it may not happen. And if you are preparing for a race, you will need to keep up with your exercise routine.

What happens in wet weather? If it rains once in a while, you can always resume your running the next day. But what if it rains every day? How do you do your training then?

In such a case, the only thing to do may just be to go out there and perhaps run in the rain, if you have no access to a gym or a treadmill.

Here are some tips for you on how to be smart when running in the rain.

Wear reflective clothing

If you wear reflective clothes, this will make you more visible in wet weather and applies especially if you are doing street running – to prevent accidents from happening.

Watch where you step

When you run in wet weather, you should be extra careful of where you step. This is because visibility is reduced greatly in the rain, and you may end up tripping over twigs or even stepping into potholes. The last thing that you want to do is to sustain an injury, so be careful.

Use Vaseline or anti-chaffing cream

When it is wet, your body tends to get more chaffing. So try and use Vaseline, or some other types of anti-chaffing cream to stop this – to prevent painful marks on your body.

Use a Waterproof bag for your gadgets

If you want to track your wet weather run with gadgets such as your smartphone, remember to keep these inside a plastic waterproof zipper bag.

Otherwise you may end up with a “brick” that doesn’t function – instead of a smartphone with a variety of useful tracking apps. This may also apply to your running watch if it’s not a waterproof one. So it may be better to put your watch in a zipper bag too.

Dry your shoes

After the run, it is important to dry your shoes properly. Let them dry on their own, perhaps under a fan. Also, you should take out the shoe insoles and stuff balls of tissue paper or newspaper inside, to help them keep their shape. Never put them near heat though – this will mess up your shoes and may even make them shrink.

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