Scenic Running Spots in Singapore

Have you been looking for scenic spots in Singapore for running? If so, then here are some that may appeal to you.

1) Botanic Gardens

Distance: Variable

The Botanic Gardens, Singapore. [Photo taken from]

The Botanic Gardens has a challenging route, but there’s plenty of greenery to see
[Photo taken from]

This is a scenic, but challenging route, comprising of uphills and uneven surfaces. But there is plenty of greenery though so that will help to distract your mind from the running. And if you are not familiar with the paths, then it might be better to plan beforehand, as this area can be confusing to navigate around.

2) Fort Canning Park

Distance: 3km

This is a beautiful running spot that takes you above the Singapore city streets. And with the trees present, you won’t feel hot during the run. With plenty of historical landmarks around the area too, this is a great place to re-visit your history books while running.

3) East Coast Park

Distance: 15km

East Coast Park offers a good, fast running track for beginners. [Photo taken from]

East Coast Park offers a good, fast running track for beginners.
[Photo taken from]

Suitable for beginners, this is a fast and flat running route with plenty of trees, water points and food outlets. However it can get crowded on weekend evenings though, so if you don’t like the crowds, try to stay away from this time of the day.

4) Eastern Coastal Park Connector

Distance: 42km

If 15km at East Coast Park is still not enough running for you, why not go through the entire Eastern Coastal Park Connector?

This takes you through Singapore’s entire Eastern coastline, from the East Coast Park, to Bedok, Tampines, Changi and Pasir Ris. It is flat and scenic and there is plenty of sea breeze for most of the way. Also, you will most likely get to see airplanes taking off and landing, due to the close proximity to Changi Airport.

5) Kallang Riverside Park

Distance: 5km

Frequented by water sports enthusiasts, this scenic area is suitable for all types of runners. And there is also a butterfly garden within the vicinity, for those who want to chill out and see some beautiful plants – after their run.

6) MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Distance: 10km

MacRitchie reservoir Park offers beautiful trails. [Photo taken from]

MacRitchie reservoir Park offers beautiful trails.
[Photo taken from]

A common running route, this trail running route is commonly frequented by runners who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and get close to nature.

7) Coney Island

Distance: 2km

Coney Island is a great way to get back to nature.

Running through Coney Island is a great way to get back to nature.

Singapore’s newest trail running spot, this can be easily accessed through the Punggol Settlement. The flat route around Coney Island is 2km long, but those who wish to complete a longer run, can run through the Punggol Promenade and Pasir Ris Industrial Estate as well.

The route itself is beautiful and completely natural, so come here if you wish to immerse yourself amongst the nature.

8) Marina Bay

Distance: 3.5km

An easy 3.5km loop around the CBD, this simple running route is great for those who wish to de-stress themselves during the office lunch hour or after a long working day. However, do note that it can be rather crowded in the evenings, though.

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