StanChart Marathon: Last Minute Tips from the Official Race Pacers

With the lively and energetic SCMS pacers! (Image: SCMS).

With the lively and energetic SCMS pacers! (Image: SCMS).

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) is now one week away – and according to the official race pacers, who are from Running Department, participants should have completed their last long run this weekend, and taking it easy now.

Do not clock any more mileage

Said SCMS pacer Chew Shu Fen, 26, “The best thing right now is not to clock mileage any more. You should rest so that your legs will be fresh on race day. Do not go out and do another long distance run because you are afraid that you cannot do it on race day.”

Pacers were leading SCMS participants on a final training run

Yup, these colourful balloons will also be used on race day.

These colourful balloons will be used on race day.

Shu Fen, who is part of the 5:00 hour pace group, was one of the pacers taking runners through the final lead-up training run, before the big day on 7 December. This had been a 15km run that had started and ended at the adidas store in Parkway Parade this morning.

Get enough sleep throughout the week

Besides resting the legs, Shu Fen also recommended that it is important to get used to the routine of early nights and early mornings.

She said, “The full marathon starts at 5am, so sleep early every day and wake up early to get used to this routine, for race day. This will prevent you from oversleeping and missing the race. At the same time, since it may be impossible to get much sleep next Saturday night, try and rest well the whole week.”

Fellow pacer Jacky Lo, a 27-year-old relationship manager, agreed with Shu Fen about getting plenty of sleep to prepare for the race. Jacky, who will be one of the 4:30 hour pacers, said, “It is recommended that you get about six to seven hours of sleep per night, leading up to the race.”

I am in balloon wonderland.

I am in balloon wonderland.

Do not try anything new on race day

At the same time, he also recommended that it’s not advisable to try anything new on race day. Said Jacky, “That’s one of the worst things that a runner can do. For instance, if you try a new gel on race day, it may lead to stomach problems.”

33-year-old legal counsel Chen Ming Ming, a 4:30 hour group pacer, also agreed that you should stick to a tried and tested routine come race day. She also added that hydration and getting enough fluids into the body throughout this whole week, is very important.

Carbo loading is not an excuse for pigging out

As for carbo loading, Ming Ming stresses that this is not an excuse for pigging out. “You should eat properly and have clean carbs containing lots of whole grains. Do not go and eat extra helpings or have plenty of fattening foods,” she added.

Help! I'm floating away!

Help! I’m floating away!

Fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates should be consumed

Fellow pacer, Abigail Therese Facey, 44, also agreed about hydration and carbo loading. She added, “For me, I will be drinking a lot of coconut water, which is a natural isotonic. I will also eat more fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. I am not a big pasta eater though, but I will be loading on quinoa and other wholegrains products.”

Will also be indulging her sweet tooth

However, Abigail, who is part of the 5:30 hour pace group, admits that she will also take advantage of the carbo loading phase to indulge her sweet tooth. “I’ll be eating a lot of sweets and candies that I don’t normally eat – but after the race, I’ll definitely stop eating them!” she added, laughing.

Added Abigail, “Well, after all, this week is all about resting, eating, getting fresh legs and relaxing – so it will be a lot of fun! Like me, just enjoy it and rest well, before the race!”

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