StanChart Marathon 2015: Lead-Up Training Run @ adidas, Parkway Parade

The first Run With Pacers – to gear runners up for the StanChart Marathon Singapore on 6 December, took place last Saturday morning – beginning at the adidas store in Parkway Parade.

There were actually supposed to have been two earlier training runs before the Saturday session, but unfortunately these had been cancelled because of the haze.

Looking good before the run.

We are all looking good before the run. (Photo credit: Running Department.)

Run started at Parkway Parade and took runners through East Coast Park

After a short briefing by the official pacers from Running Department, the run started at the adidas store, Parkway Parade. We were led on an 18km route through East Coast Park, with the U-turn point being at the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC).

The run then ended back at the adidas store in Parkway Parade, where tired and thirsty runners helped themselves to 100 PLUS isotonic drinks and ice-cold water.

Runners had a wonderful time at the session

Pacers smile for the camera.

Pacers smiling for the camera.

Many of the runners who took part in the training run had a wonderful time. Said technician Sheik Ismail, 32, who will be running the Half Marathon, “Today it was fun and the pace was good. The pacers were also very encouraging and it definitely helps if there is someone to keep you on pace to meet your target timing.”

Added Ivan Livic, 29, a Product Manager taking part in the Full Marathon, “This was my first time running together with this group and it was a real pleasure. They will be a great help to get me across the finishing line in the marathon as I have never run a full marathon before. It is really much easier to run with someone else, especially with the great and enthusiastic pacers that we had today.”

Continued Livic, “And after today’s run, I think that I am in good shape. I still felt good after 18km at a 6mins/km pace. Though I think that I will have to keep it slower during the actual race, maybe somewhere between 6.20 to 6.30mins/km so that I will have the stamina to last till the end. I hope to complete the race in about four and a half hours.”

Have to be committed to train regularly

And Benson Toh, 56, admitted that Saturday morning’s training run had confirmed his feelings that he was not as ready as he would have liked – for his Half Marathon at StanChart.

A pacer de-briefing takes place after the run.

A pacer de-briefing takes place after the run.

Said Toh, who works in the motor industry, “It wasn’t easy today because I haven’t had enough training, due to the haze. You have to be very committed and must train regularly to run races of such distances, no matter what.”

Continued Toh, “Fortunately though, I have been running for several years now, so I think that I can use my past experiences to cope on race day this year, when things start to get more difficult. And there are still about eight weeks left to go till race day. So if the haze goes away soon, then I can train more and get myself up to scratch. I hope to be able to beat my personal best of 2.05 hours.”

Fully pumped and raring to go for his Half Marathon

Runners and pacers help themselves to drinks after the session.

Runners and pacers help themselves to drinks after the session.

Ismail, on the other hand, is fully pumped up and raring to go for his StanChart Half Marathon – which will be his fourth 21.1km run to date.

He said, “I have been training regularly despite the haze – when it is hazy, I will go indoors to run. So I am on track to meet my target time of 2.15 hours. Besides running though, I have also been doing strength training in the gym and I feel that helps to improve my running.”

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