StanChart Marathon: Running in my Hub @ Pasir Ris

The SCMS Run In My Hub activity is popular with runners.

The SCMS Run In My Hub activity is popular with runners.

To prepare runners for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on 7 December this year, the race organisers, Spectrum Worldwide, have been holding weekly five-kilometre runs in various heartland locations around Singapore.

Takes place at strategic locations around Singapore

These free-of-charge weekly runs, termed “Run in my Hub” take place at Bishan, Pasir Ris, Jurong West, Yio Chu Kang and Sengkang and the locations are rotated between these five.

These locations are supposed to mark the five running communities around Singapore, that are deployed at this year’s SCMS race – North (Yio Chu Kang), West (Jurong West), North East (Sengkang), East (Pasir Ris) and Central (Bishan) – for a bit of friendly rivalry. For the SCMS event itself, participants are automatically assigned to a running community based on the area of Singapore in which they live.

Plenty of drinks available to ensure that runners don't get dehydrated.

Plenty of drinks available to ensure that runners don’t get dehydrated.

The “Run in my Hub” runs are open to both runners as well as non-participants of the SCMS.

This week, the Run in My Hub was held at Pasir Ris and I decided to check this out.

Clear signs to mark the meeting point

When I first reached the Pasir Ris Community Centre, where the run was to begin from, I didn’t have any trouble locating the open foyer – starting and the ending point for the run. It was clearly marked.

The first ten participants to register for the run on-site were given a free goodie bag. I had arrived too late though, to receive one.

But I was still a little early for the 7pm run, so I milled around while runners continued to stream in. There were participants of all ages – ranging from youths to the elderly.

Short briefing on the route and pre-run photo

Running route for the Pasir Ris event.

Running route for the Pasir Ris event.

Just after 7pm, we had a short briefing on the route that we would be using, as well as having a pre-run group photo taken.

This was when I found out that we were going to run through Pasir Ris Park – located just behind the Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre.

Light Sticks Provided

Light sticks were provided by the organisers, so that we would be able to locate and follow each other when we were out on the running course. I had thought that this was a good idea, as the sun was already setting and it would be dark soon.

Time for the run to start

Soon enough, it was time for the run to flag off. By then, the time was roughly about 7.30pm.

Despite the earlier briefing, the running route was still pretty new to me, so I tried my best to keep pace with the runners in front of me – so as not to get lost.

Area was not too brightly lit

During the run, I realised that the area was not too brightly lit. But the good thing was that at strategic points along the route, such as when we were about to make a U-turn, there would be someone deployed, usually a cyclist, armed with a light stick, to tell us when to turn around.

Sweaty but happy after my 5Km run.

Sweaty but happy after my 5Km run.

If I didn’t see the cyclist, we would run in a straight direction. By watching out for him and keeping a close eye on the runners in front of me, I was fine with navigating myself throughout the run.

Hot and sweaty but feeling accomplished

Just over five kilometres later, I returned to the starting point. I was hot and sweaty but at the same time, I felt accomplished that I had completed a good run together with some like-minded people.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I felt that the “Run in my Hub” runs are a rather great way to get some healthy outdoor exercise, as well as to meet fellow runners who live nearby.

The “Run in my Hub” weekly runs will continue all the way till 26 November, with the next event happening at Jurong West on 8 October, 7pm.

Click here for the weekly schedule of “Run in my Hub” activities.

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