Shoe Review: The ASICS fuzeX TR Training Shoe

Billed as ASICS’ most versatile training shoe, the ASICS fuzeX TR is a multi-purpose sports shoe that leverages lightweight cushioning and cross functional design to offer greater workout efficiency to athletes at various levels.

It is advertised as an all in one shoe and marketed as being able to support athletes across a variety of fitness backgrounds and levels of expertise, from high intensity interval training to lifting free weights and treadmill running. The fuzeX TR is really the go-to shoe for a wide variety of training activities.

The ASICS fuzeX TR is a versatile training shoe.

The ASICS fuzeX TR is a versatile training shoe.

Said Paul Miles, Senior General Manage of the Global Marketing Division, ASICS Corporation, “The fuzeX TR marks the beginning of a series of products developed specially to meet a wide range of training needs.”

Attractive colours

Thanks to ASICS, I had the opportunity to try out a review pair of the fuzeX TR shoes. I found the colour to be quite attractive – the review unit is officially a Cockatoo/Silver/Poseidon colour combination.

Comfortable to wear

The shoe is quite comfortable – with sufficient room inside the toe box so that rapid movements can be done without feeling any discomfort. This was thanks to to the shoe’s no-sew upper which provides comfort in all movements.

The shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


To get a good gauge of the fuzeX TR shoe, I tried it out on a variety of workouts, ranging from strength training drills to high intensity body weight movements, as well as running and tennis.

When sweating it out, I was impressed by how light the fuzeX TR had felt. When doing high intensity exercises such as jumping jacks or fast sprinting up hills, I could barely feel the weight of the shoe – as compared to other heavier ones.

According to ASICS, the light weight of the shoe is because the fuzeX TR is supposed to have a lightweight fuzeGEL midsole which provides not only a thinner and lighter sole, but also effective cushioning for training.

But at the same time the shoes are designed with the soles positioned close to the base. This is supposed to offer a light and direct ride in the heel portion of the fuzeX TR with the low profile offering a stable and comfortable base.

The soles are positioned close to the base. [Photo Credit to ASICS]

The soles are positioned close to the base.
[Photo Credit to ASICS]

However I also found that with repeated bouncing or jumping movements when wearing the fuzeX TR shoe – such as doing jumping jacks done on the hard floor – I could feel the impact of the movements of the solid ground on my legs though.

Grip is Good

But I really loved the grip of the shoe. According to ASICS, it offers broad spectrum training features including flexible forefoot grooves that deliver excellent floor traction for multidirectional training movements. The positive patterns on the outsoles also add traction across multiple terrains.

So I could definitely feel the increased grip when wearing the fuzeX TR shoe, which helped to add more friction when doing body weight exercises such as mountain climbers or burpees.

With the sudden and rapid movements of these types of exercises, it is certainly important to wear shoe that come with a good grip and plenty of friction, such as the fuzeX TR ones so that you can maintain your balance and minimise your chances of accidentally slipping and sliding on the ground.

I also tried out the shoes during a tennis session and once again, the grip and the amount of friction of the fuzeX TR had really helped me to stabilise myself more.

However, despite the good grip though, running on sand may not be the best thing to use the fuzeX TR shoes for though – I found myself struggling to hold my grip and maintain my balance, when I was trying to run on the sand at Siloso Beach in Sentosa. But I suppose that the shoe is perhaps a little better than some of the heavier types, to meet this purpose.

The shoes retail for SGD 179 at ASICS outlets island-wide.

The shoes retail for SGD 179 at ASICS outlets island-wide.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I think that the fuzeX TR shoe will suit athletes who do not want heavy ones to weigh them down during training sessions.

fuzeX TR is now available at ASICS stores island-wide, retailing for SGD $179 a pair.

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