Future Top Triathlete @ Tri Factor Run Singapore 2013

A Short Interview with the 2013 Winner of the Pokka Tri Factor Series Run Singapore (1km Kids Category).

10-year-old Jackson Campbell has a big dream and that is to be one of the top triathletes in Singapore – in 10 years time.

Jackson posing with his medal. (Photo from Tri Factor Series Run Singapore)

Jackson (right) posing with his medal. (Photo from Tri Factor Series Run Singapore)

But this Australian International School student in Singapore is already a race winner. He emerged victorious in the Kids 1km category for the recent Pokka Tri Factor Series Run – completing the distance in a mere three minutes and six seconds.

And if Jackson keeps up with this, he will certainly be able to realise his dream.

I caught up with this talented young athlete and found out more about his secret to winning. I also picked up some good running tips from him.

His father and coach, Dean Campbell, 45, working in sales for Asia Pacific, chipped in with some comments during the short interview.

Jackson, what was your timing in the run today?

Jackson: Three minutes and six seconds.

Dean: He was ahead of the competition so that was good. It was in line with his 800m times, which is two minutes and 37 seconds.

What distances do you specialise in?

Dean: Jackson specialises in the 400m, 800m and 1,500m races

What are your personal best timings like for these distances?

400m – 1min 9 sec
800m – 2min 37sec
1,500m – 5min 30sec

How long have you been running for?

Jackson: Well, for as long as I can remember – so I have done a lot of running.

Dean: Yes he has – in fact, ever since he could walk, he’s been running.

He represents his school at cross-country running (2km to 3km) and athletics.

In fact, our whole family loves running. So that could be where he picked up his good running skills from! In fact, I ran in the race today too – in the 10.5km Veteran male category and I came third.

What is the big secret to your victory?

Jackson: Basically, my main tactic is to get a good start, go all out at the beginning and lose your challengers. Then keep running. If they are still with you, put on a burst of speed. And run hard for home if they are still there.

Basically, the trick is to go all out during the home stretch.

What is your diet like?

Jackson: I eat healthy cereals like Weetbix and Coco Crunch in the mornings. My dad takes care of my overall diet and makes sure that I eat the right foods to stay healthy.

Dean: He takes plenty of fruits, vegetables, as well as lots of proteins, and carbs (like pasta) before a race.

What tips do you have for aspiring young runners?

Jackson: Keep at a steady pace throughout the race and don’t use up all of your energy up at the beginning.

Dean: The objective is to go all out at the beginning, but at the same time, ensure that you don’t use up all of your energy then. And hold your pace till the last 200m or 300m, when you would go hard to the finish line.

Today, for Jackson, it was to go out hard and then hold till the last turn, when he went for the finish line at the last 200m.

So you have been grooming your son to become a top runner, then?

Dean: Actually, he’s interested to become a triathlete. Maybe 10 years down the road, he could be one of the top triathletes in Singapore – so let’s wait and see what happens then!

This Pokka running event was held last Sunday at East Coast Park and besides the kids’ 1km category, there were also the 10.5km, 21km and 31.5km categories for adults. It is a four-part series of sporting events that aims to help aspiring sportspeople complete their first triathlon – starting with a swimming race, followed by a cycling race, a running race – and then finally, doing a full triathlon in one go. 

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