How To Stay Safe On A Night Run

Training and running at night has a certain degree of magic that daytime running does not typically have.

This is because at night, the scenery and landscape that you see, is totally different to the bright daytime one. By running at night, you experience solitude, peace and a calmness that daytime running does not offer – there are so much less people prowling the streets in the dead of night.

Night running can be very therapeutic and calming. (Image from

Night running can be very therapeutic and calming. (Image from

But at the same time, doing most of your training runs in the wee hours may not be as safe as running in the daytime. But night running is crucial if you are training for a night race, such as the Sundown Marathon on 31 May this year.

Here are some tips to ensure that you can stay safe during your night runs – and at the same time, experience the full magic and serenity of a night run.

Choose a brightly lit, not-so-quiet area

Try to pick somewhere that is not too deserted and is quite brightly lit. Also, the area that you are running in, should be quite close to a main road so that you will know where you are – and won’t get lost.

If something happens, you may be able to shout for help and someone can come to your aid more quickly, if the place is not too isolated. However, at a quiet location, people may not even know that you are there, which can pose a risk to your safety.

Wear reflective clothing

Wearing reflective clothing is very important when you are running at night, so that people can see you. The last thing that you would want, is for example, a car to knock you down simply because the driver didn’t see you. So invest in some reflective gear for your night training – as a precaution.

Do loops

If you are planning to run 10 kilometres, you could consider mapping out a two-kilometre course near your house and doing five loops of that, rather than running 10 kilometres in one stretch. By doing so, you will ensure that you are constantly near your home so that if something happens, your family members can come to your aid more quickly.

Bring your phone along

If you are not used to taking your phone out on your usual jogs, it is wise to re-think this and carry a mobile phone with you when you are out on your night runs. Doing so will ensure your safety and allow you to call for help if something does happen to you.

Do not listen to music

It is wise to not listen to any music during your night runs – so that you can use both your eyes and ears to watch and listen out for anything that may be amiss before it’s too late. For example, with loud music blasting through your ears, you may not see or hear any dangers around you until it’s too late.

To experience the magic of a night run, you can sign up for the Sundown Marathon. Take advantage of the special rates that will be ending this Friday, 14 March.

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