Sundown Marathon 2014: Win Prizes By Sharing Your Race Tips

Sundown Marathon – the only night-only marathon in Singapore will be with us again – come 31 May this year.

Sundown Marathon 2014: Bring on the Hashtags campaign

Sundown Marathon 2014: Bring on the Hashtags campaign

So take part in the Sundown Marathon and stand a chance to win $50 worth of 2XU vouchers. You can do this by sharing tips on training, diet and gear on your Facebook or Instagram feed – or both!

Simply hashtag your post as:


The hashtag(s) depends on your topic.

The best post every week stands to win $50 worth of 2XU vouchers – and will also be featured by Sundown Marathon.

So what are you waiting for? Start posting those #SundownMarathon hashtags now!

What you can expect at Sundown Marathon?

You can look forward to a unique night race experience under the twinkling stars, while taking in Singapore’s vibrant night scene.

You will also have the privilege of being a part of the Sundown Marathon post-race party carnival after the race – with plenty of food, drinks and entertainment galore.

Click here to find out more about what you can expect at the Sundown Marathon this year.

Bring On The Hashtags!

When you are preparing for Sundown Marathon – regardless of whether you are tackling the Full Marathon (42km), Half Marathon (21km) or the 10km Race, it is important to get your training, diet and gear right, so that you will reach your peak performance – come race day.

And you are certainly not alone in your Sundown Marathon journey – as more than 30,000 runners are expected.

So what are you waiting for? Share tips on your Sundown Marathon training, diet and gear with other fellow runners – and win vouchers.

Everyone, bring on the hashtags!

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