Sundown Marathon: How to Apply Acti-Tape For Runners

Stretch only the middle part. Round off the corners to prevent peeling. Cut tape differently for different injuries.

These tips were all given by Acti-Tape, one of the Sundown Marathon sponsors – at a talk cum demonstration last week to help runners prepare themselves for the Sundown Marathon.

Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors each with an Acti-Tape kit

Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors each with an Acti-Tape kit

The Sundown charity ambassadors were also there to listen to these great tips. To our pleasant surprise, we also received a tape kit too.

Features of Acti-Tape

The tape is a very versatile and elastic therapeutic tape, which is commonly used for pain management, prevention of injury and supporting recovery.

Colourful Acti-Tapes on display.

Colourful Acti-Tapes on display.

When it is applied onto the relevant body parts, Acti-Tape will help to relieve the affected joints and muscle areas. It can also aid with joints weakness or swellings, such as bruises.

This tape is water-resistant and flexible, so it will not come off in the water, and does not limit your movements either, which is especially important to athletes during sporting activities.

The tape is supposed to last between three to five days, on a single application.

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Different Ways To Cut Acti-Tape

Depending on what you require the tape for, there are four main ways to cut the Acti-Tape. These are shown in the diagram below.


Common Injuries and Applications

Here are three of the more commonly injured areas and explanations on how to use the Acti-tape more effectively for these.

For Knee/Patella Support

Cut out an I-strip of Acti-Tape and follow the instructions in the video.

For Collateral Ligament Support

Cut out three I-strips and see the video.

For Neck Tilting Support/Pain Relief

Cut out a Y-strip and an I-strip of Acti-Tape and follow the video steps.

For more detailed application instructions, go here to see Acti-Tape’s website.



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