Superman Runs When He’s Not Saving the World

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, 15 September 2013

What does Superman do when he's relaxing?

What does Superman do when he’s relaxing?

Kal-El, or Superman, as he is better known by, is always coming to our rescue and saving the world. Whenever our fellow citizens need saving, we can count on our very own Krypton hero to destroy the bad guys, or so the Superman comics and movies say.

But sometimes, the lofty pressure of saving the world can take a toll on our caped superhero. He may also just want to have some fun too – like taking part in a charity run such as the Yellow Ribbon Prison one and to chill out and mingle with the citizens of his adopted planet, Earth.

If you took part in the Yellow Ribbon Run yesterday, many of you would have probably spotted Superman along the race route. Or you may have even seen him at the race carnival and even perhaps taken a picture with him.

I was fortunate enough to have spotted Superman just as I crossed the finishing line.

So I decided to have a few words with Superman, Singapore Airlines transit aircraft officer Mohamad Siddique.

Read on, to find out what Superman has to say.

How long have you been running for?

I’ve been doing it for one year. 

Which category of the Yellow Ribbon Run did you take part in?

I participated in the 10km category.

What made you take part in this race wearing the Superman suit?

I just wanted to meet people, add cheer to the race route and have some fun along the way!

What other costumes have you worn in the past?

My first costume at a race was the Batman one. Then I wore an Angry Birds one. Now I am into the Superman costume.

Photo from SG Running Shots

Photo from SG Running Shots


When will you be running next wearing a costume?

For my next run, which is at Standard Chartered Marathon, I have another special costume appearance lined up. But the costume will be a secret!

I’ll be doing the full marathon (42km). So do look out for me along the race route or at the race carnival there!

Was it very hot running in the Superman suit?

Yes, it definitely was! But I didn’t keep pouring water on myself. It was just all about endurance and making myself complete the race. I was going for a personal best timing.

So did you set a new personal best?

No I didn’t. I completed this race in 56 minutes. My best timing for a 10km race was about 46 minutes, but of course, that was without a suit. So perhaps this suit slowed me down quite a bit!

Did many people cheer you on along the route?

Yes they did! I got many people saying hello to me and asking me for photo requests! So I felt like a mini-celebrity!

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