Testing shoes out on a run before buying them

For the past few weeks, the local running club, Running Department, has been giving runners the opportunity to test out the Inov-8 trail running shoes. These 10km test runs, with two different models of the Inov-8 shoes, have taken place on the trails at either MacRitchie Reservoir Park or the Green Corridor.

Runners taking a break @ the Green Corridor.

Running Department runners taking a break from testing shoes @ the Green Corridor.

Trying out the shoes help runners make a more informed purchase

According to a number of runners who were at this morning’s run at the Green Corridor, such running events definitely help them to choose a good pair of running shoes – as they will know exactly what they are buying, after having tried them out.

At the old Bukit Timah Railway Station with the Inov-8 shoes.

At the old Bukit Timah Railway Station with the Inov-8 shoes.

Said account executive Zann Soh, 40, “It is good that Running Department is giving runners this opportunity to try out the shoes so that you will know exactly what they are like.”

Soh added, “But when you buy shoes at the shop, they may last one or two runs, because they may not have been what you had been looking for, after all.”

Need to have an idea of what type of shoes you are looking for

Belinda Neo, 44, a station manager, also agreed that it is actually better to test out a pair of shoes on the actual terrain that they will be used for, before going ahead and making a purchase – if the opportunity presents itself.

Added Neo, “But you also need to know what type of shoes you will need though. For example, if you are doing a road or a track run, you will need a certain type of shoes, but for trail running, it is a different ball game, because you will want a pair that can adapt to the rougher terrain.”

Good to get the feel and comfort levels of the shoe

Eric Lim, 41, who works in logistics and customer support, also agreed that trying the shoe out on the terrain itself definitely works better than trying it in the shop. He added, “By running on the terrain, you really get the feel of the shoe and can try out whether it matches up to what you are looking for, in a shoe. Also, it helps in terms of choosing a good shoe fit.”

Feels that reading online shoe reviews may not be that reliable

Lim also added that simply reading online shoe reviews may not be that accurate in terms of choosing a suitable pair of running shoes.

Runners congregating.

Runners trying to decide whether their pair of shoes is a good fit

He explained, “Online reviews mostly comprise of overseas runners giving their feedback, but it is their own opinions. As such, the shoes they are reviewing favourably, may not be as suitable for the Singapore environment and local terrain. So that means nothing beats you actually taking the shoes out on a run for yourself – before you make a decision.”

Runners get cozy with a dog.

Perhaps this dog wants to have a test run too

Added Dave Poh, 55, who is working in sales & marketing, “Buying a shoe is really down to individual opinion. One person may like a specific shoe and recommend it, but another person may not like the exact same shoe. So trying it out for yourself is still the best solution.”

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