The Salomon MR25 Cross Country Marathon 2016

The 2016 edition of the Salomon MR25 Cross Country Marathon took place yesterday morning.

And organised by the MR25 running club, the marathon comprised of four loops around the iconic MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

A briefing for runners at the starting line.

A briefing for runners at the starting line.

The route was nice and enjoyable

The runners who took part in the 2016 event had enjoyed themselves at the run.


The runners are off.

Said Malaysian-based Julius Kimtai Rotich, 42, a professional Kenyan athlete who had won the race in 2 hours and 59 minutes, “It was very good. The running route through the forest was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. There were also marshals to help us all the way and the positioning of the water stations were perfect. The organisation was great.”

Race was well organised


The first three runners crossing the finish line of the first loop.

Also finding the race very well organised had been Thomas Eng, 37, a lab technician. He added “There were three water stations, at the 4km, 8km and 10km mark along the loop so that was enough. Of course the trail route at MacRitchie is a challenge but it was really nice. I generally had no problems with the trails though as I am a regular runner here.”

Challenges along the route

Still looking quite fresh.

Still looking fresh, in the early part of the race.

Thomas added “For me the biggest challenge during the race, was during the third and the fourth laps. I had already used up a lot of energy, my legs were tired and my mind was shutting down, and that was when running up the slopes started to get difficult.”


Julius Kimtai Rotich, the 1st prize winner, crossing the finish line.

For Jose Jeuland, 34, a professional photographer, who came third, he admitted that his greatest challenge during the race was his lack of training. Said Jose, “I was not in shape and I think that didn’t really help.”


Jose Jeuland crossing the finish line in 3rd place.

Loved the scenery and the nature 

But Jose, who usually does not frequent MacRitchie, loved the scenery and the natural beauty of the place. He said “The scenery was beautiful with the trails and the rocks. I could also see people fishing or playing golf as I was running the race, which was really nice.”

Runners take a selfie.

Runners taking a selfie.

He added “I live in Pasir Ris and don’t come here much so I never previously knew that there was a such as beautiful place for running in Singapore. I am sure I will come back here more often, now.”


“Can I please run too?”

Finding the scenery enjoyable too, was Gurung Nimess, a 28 year old security officer who had come a close second. He said, “This is my first time running in the forest and I thought it was very good – I want to join this marathon again next year.”

Young supporters wait for their parents to finish running.

Young supporters waiting for their parents to finish running.

He added “To me the most enjoyable part of the run was the environment and the route. The water supply was also great and we did not need to look for our own.”

Loves the challenge of trail running


Supporters cheering on their loved ones.

The trail marathon had also appealed to Ben Pickford, 36, a tax advisor. He said, “I loved the challenge of running here and I find trail running more interesting than completing road races.”

A runner sprays himself with water.

A runner cooling down herself with iced cold water.

Added Ben, who regularly takes part in running events organised by the MR25 running club, “I generally love the MR25 runs because as they are organised by runners, they do everything right and they know what the runners want. This was the second time I am taking part in the same Marathon – and though the trail terrain and the hills are challenging, I finished 15 minutes faster than last year.”

Runners are about to complete their next loop.

Runners about to complete their next loop.

Training at MacRitchie helps

Training at MacRitchie helped with gauging his pace, according to Ben. He advised, “Take the uphills at a steady heart rate and do not get too excited at the start. If you train here though you will be able to gauge your pace better without beginning the race too fast.”

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