The sand was the biggest challenge for runners at the Home TeamNS Real Run 2016

Dubbed as the “ultimate running experience”, the annual Home TeamNS Real Run is a multi-terrain running race that consists of a combination of terrains – road, sand and trail. It targets runners who are looking for an extra challenge yet at the same time, gives its participants a chance to enjoy the lovely flora and fauna along the route.

Eager runners at the start line, all ready to run.

Eager runners at the start line, all ready to run.

The race typically comprises of 5km and 10km distances. This year’s race had flagged off at the Sentosa Gateway outside Vivocity and it finished at the beautiful Siloso Beach with the 10km run starting at 7.00am and the 5km race following closely at 7.15am this morning.

And a new introduction to the 2016 edition, the run also introduced an Obstacle category, a 5km multi-terrain run with obstacles in between that aims to challenge runners even further. This category was flagged off at 7.30am.

They are off!

They are off!

There had been five obstacles altogether in the Obstacles Race and these had required runners to squeeze through confined spaces, scale higher ground and navigate barricades, and so on.

The sand was the hardest

The 4km marker.

The 4km marker of the 5km race.

Most runners who took part in the Real Run this year, thought that the sand section was the toughest aspect of the race. Said student Vanja Cnops, 28, who ran the 5km Women’s Open race and won it in a time of 18mins 52seconds, “The sand was definitely the hardest because every step that you take, it pushes you backwards. And I didn’t train for it.”

Agreeing with her was tennis coach Martina Sucha, 35, who took part in the 5km obstacles race too. She said, “The toughest terrain definitely had to be the sand. The obstacles though were quite difficult especially the last one where we had to navigate through the intertwining barricades in the maze.”

Runners cross the finishing line.

Runners crossing the finish line.

Added Sucha, “The rest were ok though and the sideways walk was something that I am quite used to so that was quite easy.”

However for Theo Ricketts, 40, an employee at Google, the sand was not only the only tough thing about the race. Said the runner, who took part in the 10km race, “The sand really saps the energy out of you and the hills were tiring as well.”

A happy finisher.

A happy finisher.

He added, “But overall it was still a good race. I did not train for the sand though as I have two young children and could not train for this race as much as I would have liked.”

The organisation was good

Runners congregate at the post race village.

Runners congregate at the post race village.

He added “But the organisation was really good and there was plenty of hydration. It brings back memories to the last time I ran at Sentosa three years ago, and I had to dodge the peacocks getting in my way!”

And banker April McKenna, 41, who took part in the 5km Women’s Veteran Category, winning it in a time of 20mins and 27seconds, had also liked the race organisation. She said, “The run was very well organised and really good fun. It was beautiful running through Sentosa and the mixed terrain was quite amazing.”

Runners pose for a photo after completing the race.

Runners pose for a photo after completing the race.

She continued, “I normally run road or trail but never on sand – that was a good challenge and it was nice to experience something different today.”

But Huang Shi Hao, 33, a Dog Handler in the Police Force thought that the sand was ok. Said the runner, who did the 5km obstacles race, “The terrain was doable and the sand was ok. Though the sand was challenging because you have to balance, but if you did not think too much about it, then it was fine.”

Tired but pleased.

Tired but pleased.

Obstacles were a new challenge

He added, “But the obstacle whereby we had to climb over the V-shaped wall was the hardest one for me. Overall, it was quite a good race though, and I enjoyed it.”

Showing off their medals.

Let’s enjoy ourselves now – after the race!

The obstacles race is something that Ricketts thinks he may consider trying. Said the runner, “The obstacles looked fun, so maybe I will do that next year. It will be a new challenge. So far, I have only run 5km and 10km races and participated in the Singapore Masters Athletics competition.”

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  • JayWalk says:

    So, if I may ask, what was the 4th mystery terrain for the 10km non-obstacle route?

    I sat this year out coz I hate surprises. Decided to wait and see what the mystery terrain is before considering to sign up next year.

    • Priscilla says:

      This may have to remain a mystery. And participants don’t seem to know either. But a couple have said that it could be water.

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