The Walk: A Great Fitness Pedometer App For Non Runners

Start your journey with The Walk right here, right now.

Start your journey with The Walk right here, right now.

If you have always wanted to begin a fitness routine, but having zombies chasing you still can’t seem to motivate you enough to start, here is a really great fitness app that you simply must consider downloading from your app store.

Called The Walk, this is a simple app that has a rather similar idea to its makers’ breakthrough Zombies, Run app. But the difference is that you don’t need to run to escape from the zombies and you won’t be hearing their loud guttural breathing.

The Story

This app features an extremely gripping and mind-boggling spy thriller that features you as the lead actor or actress, just like its successful predecessor, Zombies, Run.

A bomb has exploded in London’s Inverness station and through a case of mistaken identity, you are handed a package that could save the world. The only way for you to stay alive is to walk the entire length of the United Kingdom.

Altogether, the story is told through a series of 65 episodes, each one lasting about 12 minutes. This equates to approximately 800 minutes of walking and this should help to shed a couple of kilos off, if you use it religiously.

Rewards are also given to users who are able to make certain achievements. These include completing an entire episode in a single stretch and finishing an episode within a three-hour time frame. I find these simple forms of motivation a great idea and will encourage users to keep on returning to the app.

What are you waiting for? Get walking.

What are you waiting for? Get walking.

How It Works

The app basically works as a pedometer. As you are moving, be it walking home from the bus stop after work or even a short walk from your bedroom to your bathroom, The Walk will be able to track your movements accordingly and tabulate how many steps you have taken. (To keep healthy, a person is recommended to walk 10,000 steps daily).

Your movements are kept track of, through your phone’s GPS and location tracking features. However, you need to continuously play it in the background – even when you are not actually listening to the narration – to get an accurate measurement of how many steps you are taking per day. This involves making sure that the Background App Refresh feature in iOS7 is turned on.

Comments on the App

This is a really great app that is sure to get couch potatoes moving. If you can’t run, then at least you can walk. The very first story alone is so engaging that it is guaranteed to keep you returning to the app and begging for more. But I just pray that the last episode doesn’t end in a horrible cliff-hanger like the Zombies, Run apps always do to us at the end of each season.

Do note though, that the continuous tracking can sap up your phone’s battery pretty quickly. When I had the app turned on in my iPhone for a mere fifteen minutes for a test, my phone started to feel quite hot and I lost 7% of battery life almost immediately.

The Walk is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and it costs USD4.99. However, on iOS, The Walk will only work with iOS7. 

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