Tips for Running your Best Marathon Ever

Run your best marathon ever! (Taken from Fatbird Goes Ultra).

Run your best marathon ever! (Taken from Fatbird Goes Ultra).

If you have put your name down for a marathon and you want to perform brilliantly and deliver a really good performance on race-day, here are some tips – to propel you to take action.

Give your body breaks

Do not do hard runs every day. Sure, a marathon is a long run, at 42km, but if you keep on training hard day in and day out, you will ultimately wear your body down. As a result, you won’t be able to perform very well – and may end up calling it quits halfway during the race.

But if you take rest days and do easy runs on some days, it will allow your body to have a rest from the rigours of your training and prevent overuse of your muscles and joints – which may lead to injuries.

Do a “dress rehearsal”

You should put your name down for a half marathon – about a month before the actual race.

Try and use this race as a “dress rehearsal” just like how actors and theatre performers do so before the big day. Put all your proposed race strategies into practice during this half marathon, so that you can see whether your race-day strategies will be effective during the actual marathon. If not, you will have time to revise some of them and rework those that aren’t so good.

Finish your training runs strongly

Try and speed up towards the last few kilometres during your training runs. A good increase in training pace should be roughly about 20 to 30 seconds more per kilometre. By doing so, it will help to train your endurance in preparation for race day and this will produce a better performance on the day itself.

Find a Running Buddy

If you can find someone to train with, preferably someone who is taking part in the same marathon as you, then you are more likely to stick to your training runs. This buddy can constantly encourage you to train harder and complete your runs in a faster timing. It definitely helps if your running buddy is a faster than you are too, so that you can push yourself to match his or her pacing.

You can also join a running group that is suitable for your needs – you can search online for these. Or check out these running groups in Singapore.

Mentally prepare yourself

While doing physical work and training is one thing, you also need to be in the right frame of mind to complete your race in your desired timing. If you doubt your own abilities, for example, constantly reminding yourself that you can’t last 42km because you did only 27km in training, then you will definitely not be able to finish the race.

But on the other hand, if you tell yourself that you will finish the race, then you will probably do just that. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t forget that it takes mental preparation, the right mindset and physical training to complete a marathon.

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