Training For The 100 Marathon Club Austria – Invitational Marathon (Singapore)

UPDATE: All 30 slots have now been taken up for the 100 Marathon Club Austria – Invitational Marathon. Registrations for the race are now CLOSED.

The organiser would like to say a big THANK YOU to all for your support. 

There has been a good take-up response to the 100 Marathon Club Austria – Invitational Marathon (Singapore), so training for this FREE marathon race will start on Saturday, the 11th of January.


Image from Lexus Tan, F1 Runners Team

Trail Techniques

Five techniques to prevent injuries and run well in trail will be taught. These will include lift jumping, side tap, leaping, criss-cross running and forward tap.

In addition, you will also learn the following during the training sessions.

  • How to prevent black toe nails
  • Reduce Injuries by applying Feet Rotating placement techniques while running
  • How to run light to reduce injuries
  • Converting heel striker to fore foot running

Image from Lexus Tan, F1 Runners Team

Two sessions (worth $100) will be held at Dairy Farm. But participants in the Invitational Marathon will get these FREE of charge.

Training On Trail

Training in trail is best, according to F1 Runners Team trainer Lexus Tan, 41, who is the organiser for the marathon. He says that this is because trail running is pounding on softer ground and helps to develop lower body and ankle strength, plus it reduces the risk of injuries on the knee.

Added Lexus: The majority of runners usually pound on flat tarmac ground. By doing this, you are always pounding on one contact point, but trail running is pounding on undulating terrain and your foot placement changes with the terrain.

The trainer explained: This helps runners to change their foot placement under ‘no choice condition’ and helps to distribute the stress acting on one point on the knee – thus reducing injuries.

Orientation Runs

Orientation runs of 25km, 30km and 15km will also be organised – to enable participants to get used to the race route and terrain.

There will be three sessions taking place at MacRitchie Reservoir and Dairy Farm and will be held in January, February and March.

Further details on the training will be given to participants.

The Invitational Marathon

The 100 Marathon Club Austria – Invitational Marathon is organised to welcome to Singapore, Dr Anton Reiter, of the 100 Marathon Club Austria.

It is being put together by the F1 Runners Team and will be held on 15 March this year.

As soon as the extended 30 slots have been taken up (it’s close to that now), registration will close.

If you wish to take advantage of the two free training sessions this weekend, you can still sign up now.

For further details of the event, click here.

To register and sign up, click here.

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