Types of Last Minute Christmas Gifts that Runners Would Love

Do you have someone in your life who seems to be more interested in running than in spending time with you? Or are you a hard-core runner yourself?

With Christmas just days away now, you might be looking to get the perfect last minute Christmas gift for a loved one who’s apparently addicted to running. So here are some ideas for you that your “running-addicted” best friend or family member would definitely be able to appreciate.

What are some perfect Christmas gifts for runners?

What are some perfect Christmas gifts for runners?

  • GPS Sports Watch

Which runner out there does not monitor their pace, distance and heart rate when they are running, be it with running apps or with a GPS watch that gives them these readings? I am sure that all runners do.

Even if they may already have a GPS sports watch, they will definitely appreciate it if you went out of the way to get them the latest sports watch model from their favourite brand that they always swear by, be it Garmin or Suunto or Soleus, or so on.

And with a wide range of watches out there from the budget conscious to those who want to flaunt, there should be something for your running addicted loved ones.

  • Running Race Entry

If your loved ones really love running, they would certainly appreciate it, if you gave them the race entry to a race, providing they have not already signed up for that same run, of course.

With the running race fees constantly on the rise, this would be a rather thoughtful gift for a runner. I am sure that many runners do feel the pinch in their wallets from signing up for race after race, primarily to keep themselves motivated to keep on running.

  • Running Shoes

Runners wear out running shoes all the time with the mileage that they clock, so a new pair of running shoes is always going to be appreciated. But before you choose a pair though, you may want to find out first what is their preferred brand or size before making the purchase though – because most runners usually stick to a tried and tested running shoe that they love.

  • Massage

How about a massage?

How about a massage?

Runners may love to run, but they do not necessarily treat themselves to massage services all the time. For many people, runners included, massages are often seen as a luxury – most people tend to think about their basic human needs before they would splurge on things such as massages.

So I am sure that runners – whose muscles usually tend to be aching, stiff and cramped after runs, especially if they have recently completed a marathon – would certainly appreciate being pampered and rubbed down for about an hour by a skilled masseur.

  • ID tags

Giving an ID tag to your loved ones may be a good gesture; these ID tags contain the person’s vital information such as their name, house address, blood type and emergency contact details.

By having one of these, runners can rest assured that if an emergency arises, then their loved ones can be contacted quickly. After all you never know what may happen when you are out running – especially if you are out training alone.

Such a thoughtful gift would also certainly be appreciated by runners.

  • Simple Hydration Bottles

How about a Simple Hydration water bottle?

How about a Simple Hydration water bottle?

The Simple Hydration bottles are ergonomically friendly and convenient water bottles for runners, because they can be simply tucked anywhere while running, be it your running tee or shorts, or a wristband on the hand. PrisChew.com is selling these at 15 per cent discount – until the end of December.

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