Usain Bolt – The greatest sprinter ever?

Yesterday, the Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt proved that he is the greatest sprinter that the world has possibly ever seen – by claiming the Olympic gold medal in the 100m sprint again.


Is Usain Bolt the greatest sprinter ever? [Photo courtesy of PUMA]

Is Usain Bolt the greatest sprinter ever?
[Photo: Courtesy of PUMA]

His timing in yesterday’s race had been 9.81 seconds – perhaps a slow time by Bolt’s lofty standards but still fast and speedy enough for him to get his hands on yet another Olympic gold – his seventh Olympic gold medal in three Games so far.

He probably was a little bit “slower” though, because Bolt had slowed down to celebrate in the final 30 metres of his record run though.

That is how good Bolt is. He can do just enough to win and completely and utterly dominate in his sport.


This being Bolt’s third successive Olympic gold in the 100m sprint so far, his awesome feat also makes the Jamaican the only sprinter in the modern Olympics, that has won three consecutive individual titles in sprinting.

Witnessing his feat on the television, I could only watch in awe as Bolt magnificently overcame a slow start and overpowered United States’ Justin Gatlin – who had been leading in the first 50 metres – to clinch the gold medal. His mere pace and speed in the final half of the race practically made it impossible for anyone else to overtake him.

I was barely able to blink throughout the entire ten seconds of the competition.

And following Bolt’s win too, the way that he had posed for the camera as well, with his signature lighting bolt pose, had only oozed even more confidence. Bolt knew exactly that he’d had it in him, and he didn’t slow down in his celebrations.


Bolt’s win had never exactly in doubt in the sprinter’s own opinion, based on an interview that the sprinter had with Australia’s ABC channel, where he had commented about feeling extremely good after the semi finals and that he had been feeling great – coming out of the blocks in the final.

In my opinion he is probably the greatest sprinter that track and field has possibly ever seen. There seems to be nobody more dominating than him.


Yet despite all of his achievements, Bolt still continues to demonstrate that smile and swagger that separates him from other great Olympians. Due to this, he remains as a crowd favourite, with his friendly and approachable nature.

Seeing the footage of Bolt interacting with Singapore’s very own 100m Olympic candidate, Timothee Yap, who had also been in the same heat, and the playful and casual way that they seem to be speaking to each other, is further evidence of Bolt’s friendly nature.

Put this together with his achievements and Bolt is surely the greatest and most charismatic sprinter in the world today.

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